Anti-Scratch Monochrome LCD Monitor with High Resolution

Earlier, an era from 1960s to 1980s, a monochrome CRT monitor was most popular among people for computing applications. But, there a gradual and effective change in technology has been come, so that monochrome CRT monitors are replaced by monochrome LCD monitor. Furthermore, these monitors are known as the upgraded version of Monochrome CRT monitor with some advance features and improved image quality. In addition, the monitors with LCD (liquid crystal display) or flat panel display with light modulating liquid crystal properties display the images with variations of colors in shades. Only two colors are used by these monitors, one for viewing the background picture and other is for showing foreground image.

Ideal for a number of medical applications, these kinds of monitors are used to check the heart beat or pulse rate and imaging in the diagnosis as well. It also helps in the improvement of diagnostic accuracy and provides working efficiency to the doctors. Further, these are also used for PACs, DR, CR, DSA, RF, MR, CT, mini digital consultation center, clinical viewing and Mammography and help the doctors to get accurate results of diagnosis. In order to provide diagnostic workflow in an efficient manner, the monitors are designed with Brightness Immediate Arouse (BIA) Technology. Additionally, the monitors are equipped with Full screen luminance ecology (SLE) System in to give high luminance at the entire screen.

Apart from this, the unique monochrome LCD monitor is featured with top grade graphic cards that provide image renditions with high precision and a Metal frame to control heat dispersion. Made with Patent pending Smart touch Technology, the monitors are offered with improved comfort for reading and reduced eye fatigue. Comprising of an ins-guard system, these are designed with high resolution to the customers. Furthermore, you can purchase these monitors with anti-scratch quality at very competitive prices. Along with seamless dual-image display capability, the monitor ensures consistency in the contrast of medical images. Designed with AR shield with anti-reflective, the monitors are provided with characteristics such as easy to clean, scratch proof screen, durability, accuracy and high efficiency.

The monochrome monitors are provided with different screen sizes and capabilities according to the requirement of the users. In addition, the input signal interface for the monitors is DVD and other element and monitors are provided with grayscale. Monitors have stunning JS-curve in order to offer increases perception for the details of small and low contrast. You can also use these types of LCD monitors for multi-modality applications with preload multiple curves. Moreover, the monitors generate clean and sharp image as compare to the CRT monitors with flat display that give better results. It is provided with highly advanced image processing features to the customers.

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