Antique Steampunk Pocket Watches

Collectible vintage pocket watches are making there way into a new interest in victorian history which can include jewelry, watches and period clothing.

19th century science fiction is fun and can get rather creative when ordinary objects are transformed into mechanical devices.

This is what happens to plenty of old antique pocket watches that are used for steampunk supplies.

The nice thing is that the watches can be broken and re-purposed for a new invention.

Turn Watches into Mechanical Devices

Watch parts are used on necklaces, goggles, and art with watch dials.

You can find pocketwatches at conventions and tradeshows which feature collectors and historians who preserve items left behind by the original watchmakers.

For example there are several types of pocket watches from open face to hunter case and can have watch movements for key wind or stem wind.

Pocket watches were used for the Railroad

Early watches were designed in the 1800’s and was used in railroading as a standard piece of equipment.

The production of watches became streamline with the mechanical watch reaching the masses. Today you can find plenty of steampunk pocket watches being sold in online auctions.

Some are pre-owned while others are in new condition. The most popular timepieces are ones made of bronze and brass engravings.

Check with Watch Repair Shops

Interestingly you will find craftsmen who will make steampunk jewelry from unique vintage hardware such as parts, cogs and gears.

It may be necessary to look in watch repair shops for parts and pieces left unused.

Experienced watchmakers will know exactly which tools you will need to create a one-of -a-kind Steampunk style victorian era watch for your collection.

Mechanical Gear Movements

To make a pocket watch look like a fictional tech invention from H.G. Wells and Jules Verne it will take some imagination along with trial and error to produce an original clock masterpiece.