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Antique Things to Collect

Many hobbyists are searching for antique things to collect. Peruse the short list below for some great options.

1. Salt and Pepper Shakers
Because there aren’t many new niche salt and pepper shakers made, most are antiques. When considering what antique things to collect, don’t forget about the shakers. They’re popular enough to have a museum dedicated to them but obscure enough to provide hobbyists something different to focus on. Another great thing about collecting antique shakers is that they are practical. As long as they are handled gently, salt and pepper shakers are great for everyday use.

2. Collectible Spoons
Collectible spoons are not used in the kitchen and are not commonly collected by recent generations. These spoons were most popular in the 40s and 50s and often commemorate events or states. Like other small antique things to collect, spoons often had their own display case. commemorative spoon display cases were wood with small lips that hung the spoons by their handles. Most collectible spoons are quite small.

3. Banks
Bank collectors typically target still or mechanical banks. Each variety of bank is typically made from cast iron and are bulky and heavy. If you are considering this for an antique thing to collect, keep in mind that you will require a lot of sturdy storage shelving. Banks are rarely made from cast iron anymore so hobbyists will always need to hunt through antique things to collect to find samples.

4. Lamps
Collectors love this antique because it is very functional and practical. Most can find antique lamps that fit in great with their interior design scheme. Some antique lamps possess designs that aren’t around anymore and can’t be seen in modern samples. Hobbyists who choose this as one of their antique things to collect often find themselves keeping their investment as it becomes a part of each room of their home.

Get some more specific insight on collecting vintage lamps from Collectors Weekly.

5. Fans
Antique fans are sought after since most modern fans are an eyesore. Even antique fan replicas often demand price tags of over $100. Since most homes don’t require excessive fans, collectors of this antique find themselves storing their pieces. Since most replicas look very similar to authentic antique fans, be sure to investigate purchases for proper markings and be skeptical of online sources.

6. Dolls
Modern dolls are still collected fervently. Antique dolls are quite different from modern versions and attract a much different type of hobbyist. Most women who peruse lists of antique things to collect consider dolls. Even so, men can also collect dolls; both those manufactured for girls and some more ‘action figure’ versions made for boys.

There are some great choices on this list and it is only a partial group of antique things to collect.

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