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Anxiety, depression and sugar white

Anxiety, depression and sugar white

Occasional on the causes of altered mood states have handled several versions that psychologists, psychiatrists and doctors of all kinds attributed to different causes and motives. This time I want to talk about altered states of mind and deep relationship with the consumption of white sugar.

What is white sugar?
White sugar is produced by a chemical process multiple juices from sugar cane or beets, eliminating this procedure all proteins and plant fiber.

How does the body?
Every time we eat at least one or two teaspoons of sugar, the body goes out of balance and lots of minerals entering imbalance. When this happens day after day, month after month and possibly for the rest of life, the body wears a severe way, and there comes a time that is deeply out of the body back into balance. What happens to the white sugar is that we have a bad belief that serves as a source to provide energy and is vital for brain function. It is true that the body needs glucose for its functions, but not white sugar, but glucose contained in fruits, some vegetables, and organic food.

First reaction
Exaggeration to say that when we eat a soda, a sweet, refined cake or any food include white sugar, the opening reaction of the body is equal to that of a stimulant drug : at first you feel stimulated and dominated by some nervous energy because the brain reacts instantly. We can notice this especially in children who do not have adequate food and ‘fill’ or consumed without moderation sweets, cakes, and candies. They may be too active and ‘full of energy’, for the moment, in fact even uncontrollable. However, in passing, a body is confronted with serious consequences either one child or adult. We do not explain everything that happens in your body because it is a complex process. We just say that this food causes every time you consume, especially in emotional states.

But before …
I must say that the vast majority unknown what the refined (or sucrose) sugar actually causes. Misinformation or distorted information makes us believe it’s not so bad and that, in fact, need. This is absolutely false, the body does not need even a gram of it, so the body needs are organic food and fruits, as normal as potential. see that if there is a wrong culture than it is refined sugar is because most of the food sold in the market contain white sugar, either as conservative, as a sweetener element or other forms masked.

Side effects
Sugar consumption causes mainly blood to raise its temperature, spawning obstructions of all kinds, infections, allergies, affects digestion quickly ferments the bolus and a chemical process alcohol, which damages the liver occurs. Therefore, it is convenient to combine with any sugary food. It is as if you have consumed alcohol in the food even though you have not used, cause malnutrition ,destruction,weight gain and weakening of the immune system. But above all upsets calcium metabolism where, in addition, to stealing the calcium bones and teeth, severely upsets the nervous system. The numerous emotional disorders and anxiety are caused in most of the time for something that maybe looked as harmless as a soda or a processed sweet. Sugar intake causes damage to such an extent in the emotional system is causing in most cases laziness, fatigue, hyperactive children, inability to concentrate and learn, insomnia, vice unhappiness, anxiety,diabetes, fear, and depression among another. If this sum is also a poor diet, the consequences can be really serious and important in our emotional health. If you suffer from mood irritable, depressed, lazy and eager to try to remove from your diet all products containing white sugar for three or four months and watch your mood unquestionably is revitalized and sanitation safely. No knowledge serves no good if you, and you must work experience everything they tell you, check with your own experience, and then you be the best judge, in this case, the best beneficiary.

That all sounds interesting, but I crave soft drinks and sweetened products too.

Sugar being a substance with addictive effect, it is understandable that if you try to leave or diminish, the body will ask for it and you follow antojito. It needs you employ all your will and respect for your body to be discriminating in your diet foods that contain it and your body gets used to the new diet. There are experts in this subject claim that leave the sugar is like quitting smoking, and that more ‘sugary’ is almost as difficult as quitting a drug.

What to do?
You can start by consuming fewer sweetened water, and prefer some fruit when not resist the temptation to take something sweet in the mouth. I take the shakes and sugar-water, at first I certainly was difficult, the sweetened a bit and yet I knew lightning. promptly my mouth is so used that can taste nice smoothie with banana and unsweetened lemonade. This has given me a pleasant feeling in the mouth and a new way to enjoy the food. It is also important to do everything possible to check the labels of the products you buy. Many of them bring masked by the name of sugar: glucose, dextrose, malt syrup, fructose, lactose, maltose and those with termination ‘bear’. All those products that say calories or low sugar are also very dangerous.


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