APPLE: Boot Camp for Windows 10

Apple has released Boot Camp 6, a new version of its software to set up a dual-boot configuration with Windows on a Mac and 10 can be installed in parallel with OS X.

Apple has released Boot Camp 6. Boot Camp is software with the Microsoft Windows alongside Mac OS X on a Mac with an Intel processor may be installed. The main novelty of the new version is the support for Windows 10. In addition, drivers have come for peripherals to that were not previously supported.

After Apple’s information work on Windows now also built in various current Mac USB 3.0 interface. The MacBook 12-inch USB Type-C interface is supported, even Thunderbolt and the DVD burner SuperDrive can be addressed. In addition, the built-in card reader of the MacBook Pro and the Apple Air can be used under Windows. The keyboards, the Magic Trackpad and Magic Mouse can be used with Boot Camp Windows.

The Windows 10 support is available with the Macbook Pro and Macbook Air from the built in mid-2012. The iMac and Mac mini family are only supported from the models that came onto the market in late 2012. Of course Windows 10 can be installed with the new Boot Camp on all modern Mac Pro. Anyone who is unsure about his own Mac, you can see a list online.

Who uses a Mac with Fusion Drive, will find that the Windows partition is created only on the mechanical hard drive, but not on the SSD.

Those who want to install Boot Camp 6 have Windows 10 on your Mac to create an ISO image of the operating system should procure or use the USB flash drive version. The update currently receive only existing users via the software update of OS X. If you have not installed Boot Camp, currently cannot find a download of the new version.