Apple eliminates the iOS YouTube application 6

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The Youtube application will not be included in the next version of the iOS operating system 6. The break with Google is completely clear, first with the change of the map application and now with the disappearance of this other app. We’re talking about a big change because since the first iPhone (2007) Youtube App came installed on all your devices.
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Mind you, this does not mean that iPhone users can not access Youtube through their devices. As said in a statement the company Apple, users who have an Apple device can rest assured that can access YouTube via the web browser on the Safari (Internet service). That is, we will be more uncomfortable but we accept

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What should be the elimination of Youtube? According to the company, removing the Youtube app for iOS meets the requirement of Apple to have their own services, as it did with the maps.

Once Apple devices integrate iOS 6 will analyze in depth what apps included and if they meet expectations. It remains to see if Apple employees are able to develop an app that resembles the functionality that has been providing the Youtube app to all users.

Google vs Apple: relationship has deteriorated

I remind you that during the WWDC (June 2012), the company founded by Steve Jobs announced it was replacing the Google maps app, Google Maps, an app created by themselves and with similar functions. A pretty bad as sat within Google and caused quite a stir on social networks.

Removing Youtube App is a new trade fight between Apple and Google, which owns and is responsible for developing the YouTube application. Both companies are the most powerful on the market of smartphones and tablets worldwide. The main competitor of the iPhone and iPad are devices with Google’s Android operating system.

A few weeks ago the company Apple sued Samsung, which is the main partner of Google, for patent violation in their mobile devices. A case to stress upon the battle to keep Google and the company founded by Steve Jobs.

The integrity of the Youtube application on iPhone devices became a hard point as relations between the two companies is worse. Apple has completely controlled the design and characteristics of the application, to the dismay of some on YouTube who wanted to evolve to be more consistent with the rebranding of the company.

What advantages does the Youtube app to users?

Through your own account you can create a playlist. Millions of videos and songs that can be found in your.

It is updated in May 2012.

Unlike the vast majority of music Apps, YouTube provides its services for free, without paying money to see a video or hear a song.

Searching is simple, type a keyword and search Youtube is able to find the video or song you’re looking for.

List of the 100 biggest hits in recent months.

Also you can search songs according to their genre.

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Apple eliminates the iOS YouTube application 6, Seekyt
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