Apple iOS 8: Top 5 Features

It is known to all that, with every new iOS upgrade, Apple brings upon cosmetic changes to the interface of the operating system apart from feature enhancements. Each and every iOS upgrade has been a justified update in terms that it has significantly improved the functionality of the devices. Now that iOS 8 is out, not only the prospective iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus buyers are interested to learn about the newly introduced features of iOS 8 but also the current iPhone users who are looking forward to update their iOS.

However, remember that to install the iOS 8 upgrade you need to currently using iPhone 4S or later, an iPod Touch 5th generation, iPad 2 or later. Read below to lean the top five features of the latest iOS 8 mobile OS.


In the new OS by Apple, big changes have been introduced in relation to photo editing and management. There are many changes to point out, but the addition of a search tool in the Album and Photo views is one of the major and useful changes. Just by tapping on the Search icon, users can get their photos segmented within auto-populated categories such as ‘photos shot near your current location,’ ‘Photos tagged as favorites,’ ‘Photos shot exactly one year ago,’ ‘Photos clicked at your home address,’ etc. There is no need of typing these categories, just clicking on the ‘search’ icon is enough and photos will get categorized within groups that make your search easy. However, there is facility for manual queries as well through which you can search pictures by geographic location, album name or capture date.

Family Sharing

iPhones have always been a smart device in terms of offering strong parental controls. Taking a leap ahead, now it has introduced a new feature called ‘Family Sharing.’ With this device, you can create separate Apple accounts for your kids or other family members and link those to your own account for billing purpose. Here, you agree to have the purchases of your linked accounts to be billed to your account. There is an option called ‘Ask to Buy,’ which you need to keep enabled. In this way, whenever your kid wishes to make a purchase, a message will be dropped to your iPhone asking for your approval. Thus you will always know what your kid is willing to buy and according to your consent you will be able to approve or disprove the purchase.

Keyboard enhancements

With iOS 8, finally Apple users will be able to enjoy two gestures that Android users are using since long. First feature is the predictive typing, where based on your half typed words you get suggestions and can choose the right suggestion to get rid of unnecessary typing. This is not a new technology but wasn’t available for Apple users before. The second feature is the inclusion of third-party keyboard apps.

Interactive notifications

The notification of iOS 8 has become more interactive as now you can respond to texts, tasks, calendar events, incoming emails, etc from any app you are currently in. You don’t require taking up the tedious round trip to visit the respective app as it was required in the earlier versions. Now, the notification banner will not just be an alert rather it will have action buttons. The best news here is that this interactive notification functionality is open to third-party apps.

Contacts shortcut

As you know that by pressing the Home button twice, you can bring up the multitasking screen that allows you to move between open apps. The new addition is that now at the top of this screen you will see a scrollable list of contacts with whom you had recently communicated.


In the world of smartphones and communication technology, launch of a new iPhone has always been big news. The popularity of iPhones can be well guessed from the fact that on the first day of its release, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus have received 4 million pre-orders. Apart from the release of two new iPhones, another major interesting aspect is the launch of iOS 8, the new Apple OS, which is now available for use. Although, there are many new features to explore yet the aforementioned five features justify the update.

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