Apple Music has eleven million mystery shoppers

Apple Music has won eleven million mystery shoppers for its three-month free access. If any remain, the Group is soon to the Great during music streaming.

Apple’s new streaming music service has won in the first month of its free trial sample eleven million customers. Of these, two million had opted for the more expensive family fare for up to six users, said Apple executives Eddy Cue the newspaper USA Today. Apple Music was launched in late June and has a three-month free trial period. It remains to be seen in the fall, how many remain as paying customers.

All other suppliers have a shorter testing period. So Spotify, Deezer, Rdio and Tidal offer a 30-day free trial.

If the eleven million users remain even after the end of the probationary period, Apple came up close to the rival streaming services. The current market leader Spotify comes to 20 million paying members at a total of 75 million users. However, Apple has even larger ambitions to change the music business. According to media reports the iPhone Group aims to reach 100 million customers for its music service in the longer term. Apple has a total of 800 million customers who have deposited their account details at the company.

So far, Apple put mainly on the sale of music for download. According to estimates of industry experts, the group would have more than 30 million customers gain for its streaming service in order to achieve the scope of the previous download business.

While current streaming services have free ad-supported models, Apple provides its users with only a monthly subscription. As with many other the standard subscription costs 10 euros per month. A Family Pack with several independent accounts will cost 15 euros. According to Apple, more than 30 million songs are in the library.

Apple Music offers Internet radio and music streaming from the library of iTunes and a music agent who the taste of the user new songs and artists presenting appropriate.