Apple Vs. Google – The Tablet Wars

With Apple planning the release of their iPad 3 in February 2012, and Eric Schmidt of Google confidently saying that they are in the process of launching their own tablet next year, you can expect it to get a little hotter in the Tablet Arena.
The iPad has been a clear front runner, ever since other competitors entered the market. With an expected 83% of the tablet market share in the States, the iPad is the dominating force to beat. Google with a similar design and functionality taste as Apple might be the only competitor that can challenge the giant in the room.

Will History Repeat Itself?

The same talk of Google breaking the domination of Apple was played out just before the launch of Google’s Flagship phone the Nexus One in early 2010, and this has continued to the third edition of the phone known as Galaxy Nexus, released in November 2011. It actually has not been able to significantly reduced demand for the iPhone. The Galaxy Nexus, by many writers, is one of the best Android phones in the market, but it cannot seem to compete with the iPhone 4S. If anything the Galaxy Nexus, has impacted sales of other Android OS phones, produced by other mobile companies.
Google has tried using its name in designing great software, which is not surprising. But Google lacks Apple’s market recognition in developing a comprehensive gadget, which looks great. The tie up between Google and Samsung to produce the Galaxy Nexus, did produce a great phone, but it cannot compete with the iPhone 4S’s hardware or software.

The Present Tablet Market

Various other companies have tried to break Apples iPad stranglehold on the market, have quietly falling to sidelines, Google will have to learn the reasons responsible for the failures of these companies. The list of companies that have tried and lost includes giants such as, Motorola, RIM, Samsung, and HP. Apple gained the advantage with being the first to offer a tablet, and has maintained the advantage. Google’s hope should lie in creating a product that exceeds Apple iPad in all quarters, including the price, software and hardware. But the most important factor will be the design of both the tablet and OS.

The Application Stores

Another major factor influencing the market place is the Application Store. With Apple’s having over 140,000 out of 500,000 plus applications for its iPad available for download, Google will have its work cut out to match this number. Google’s own Android Market has presently a total of 380,000 applications for download, but how many can be adapted easily to their tablet needs to be seen.
Only time can tell if Google manages to pull off the seemingly impossible task of dethroning Apple. It might just come down to the preference of OS.