Apple wants patent iPhone with curved screen

iphone-651353_1280Apple has filed a patent application that describes an iPhone with curved glass. The pages are to be used to operate the smart phone and its apps. Also, the Home button is defined as a virtual button.

Samsung has introduced the S6 Edge + just a new smartphone with curved screen, as the US Patent and Trademark Office published a patent application from Apple, which also shows a smartphone with curved display. This does not mean that Apple iPhone 7 makes it look like the Galaxy S6 Edge – which could also lead to considerable problems.

The approach is at a different Apple than with Samsung. The curved part of the display will not be used or show Apple. Apple proposes a curved display, the rounding is not visible from the outside.

Rather, the case is square, which also might have an impact when dropped positive. On the visible side of the display on the sides of your smartphone symbols like the volume control will be displayed, which are operated as a normal touch screen. Developers should be able to also use this edge screen for their apps.

Virtual Home Buttonapple-490485_1280

A real home button no longer exists in Apple’s patent application also. It is designed only as a virtual button on the screen surface, which is displayed if necessary. Depending on how the phone is held, the button may co-migrate. A gripping would then no longer required.

Apple filed its only now published patent application 20150227227 one by April 2015. The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge was introduced on March 1, 2015.

How could meanwhile a combination of iPhone and Samsung S6 Edge look, the Turkish Design Studio Mesut G. has visualized designs