Apple’s Introduction for The Tech Savvy Generation

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The users are desperately waiting for the launch of the iPad mini, and the reports say that they might have to hold on for another one-third quarter for this. This device is all set to make a debut by the first 2014 quarter. There were minor chances that Apple was going to release the new iPad mini, during later this year.

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Since Apple products are going on in full swing, the new iPad mini was all set to make a debut by March. However, this launch has been postponed for the next year, as Apple has already come up with versions of its inventions just two months back. After the launch of the full sized iPad six months back that actually engaged many customers, it has urged Apple to introduce more such gadgets.

More about the New Invention

The invention for 2014 would have various specifications along with a powerful chipset. This would give a tough competition to Nexus 7, and Samsung. The iPad app developers say that the new iPad mini would be much thinner and lighter than the iPad. It would be of the same size and will run on A6X processor. Users are likely to see an upgraded internal hardware.

Apple’s Introduction for The Tech Savvy Generation, Seekyt

The refresh made by Apple in the fourth generation iPad made it an exception. It ensured that all the operating system devices were made compatible with the lightening cable. This makes it doubtful for the users to see the Retina iPad mini. What adds more to this is the fact that the iPad sales are up on a rise, which gives no reasons to Apple for any up gradation in their new launch.

Various reports have stated that the second generation iPad mini would be ready for launch by the next holiday season with a 300ppi + display. With the ongoing developments and manufacturing, a small tablet would be seen in line with the iPhone 5 and the recent full sized iPad. Both these devices include the retina displays. They also feature 13 and 15 inches Pro notebooks.

Also, there are talks that there could be a release of a new model before the launch of the mini iPad. These would be launched in the second half of 2013 and during the first 2014 quarter, individually.

The iPad mini would have a 2048 x 1536 resolution fir the retina display. This would provide it the same number of pixels as in the iPad. However, the density would be much higher at 324 pixels per inches. It would somehow prove to be challenging for iPad application Development Company to have this display for the current iPad mini, which is just 7.5 inches thick. This calls for the need to increase the thickness of the device, just as it was increased at the time of iPad moving to a retina display.

The users can see the inclusion of a LCD panel, which would be of a high resolution in the upcoming iPad mini. This would bring all the latest operating system devices in sync with the new invention.

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Apple’s Introduction for The Tech Savvy Generation, Seekyt
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