Appliances That You Can Live Without Found in Your Home

If you want to downsize your life there are options or steps you can take to accomplish this daunting task. With our current economy there are a number of people that have come to discover there are actual appliances in their home they can live without. These appliances are found all around the home and if you didn’t have their presence you could possible save on time, energy and money. You may be pleasantly surprised to find appliances that you can live without in your home.

Have you ever had a microwave simply die out on you? This seems to happen more and more with the newer models that have come into our homes over the past 10 or so years. Initially microwaves were constructed with a simple dial for warming your food. You placed your food into the microwave and turned a knob to the appropriate amount of minutes you need to warm your food. Believe it or not, I actually have one of these that still work. It certainly doesn’t have all the gadgets and gauges found on the newer models; nonetheless it gets the job done.

The newer versions of the original have temperature settings and cooking times that vary. You can cook a turkey or chocolate chip cookies. Along with more advanced technology and options came a shorter life expectancy for these newer microwaves. Imagine my surprise that a microwave I have from 20 years ago still works while one purchased less than five years ago doesn’t. Of course the original doesn’t provide a fraction of the choices I have with my new one, but then again it still works. It doesn’t get as hot and I don’t have a popcorn setting, none the less it’s still functioning.

A microwave is certainly something you can live without. Anyone under the age of 25 will tell you that you cannot. They can go without their cable television or even indoor plumbing before they go without a microwave. The first question asked is how will food get cooked? The answer is the oven. This is the old school way of cooking everything, including popcorn, like we did before the microwave came along.

Two refrigerators
The average size refrigerator in any home is anywhere from 18 to 26 cubic feet. This is enormous. Add the fact that at least a quarter of these same households have another refrigerator or deep freezer in operation. You can live with one fridge and a must smaller one and get along just fine.

A smaller refrigerator is what most people need anyway. Is a larger fridge one for convenience? Instead of grocery shopping once per week, you shop twice with one smaller refrigerator. This is good for exercise and your diet. Additionally, with a smaller refrigerator food is less likely to spoil before you eat it and you will be eating much fresher foods since you don’t have the room to store the food. Throwing out spoiled food isnt in anyone’s budget and will certainly descrease with a smaller refrigerator. Of course when they have a terrific special where you

can stock up on perishable items you may not have the room, but this is not enough justification for two refrigerators in a home where one can get along just fine to get the job done. Two refrigerators are something that you can live without.

A dishwasher is certainly a luxury item. It makes our life easier for doing dishes. Despite the fact that paper plates and plastic forks and spoons would also bring about the same goal, no dishes to be washed.

Dishwashers have bragged to be money savings as well as time savings. Are you really receiving a savings for your money and time? You need to buy the special detergent that accompanies this appliance that cannot be used for anything else. The water is used because the cycle to run dishes through is longer than it takes to hand wash these same dishes. Most users will pre-rinse before loading the dishwasher which takes away your time savings.

Washing dishes by hand with an obvious focus to use the least amount of water possible may accomplish more overall savings than a regular dishwasher. If you have children, teenagers especially, you already have a “dishwasher” in the wings if needed.

Central Air Conditiong
Central air conditioning has spoiled everyone. Air conditioning was discovered and we have never looked back. Every place you go and everywhere you can imagine has air conditioning installed. Central air is what makes our high temperatures and humidity bearable. On the other hand, we can live without it.
The average person can afford air conditioning. Most new buildings, both residential and business, have central air automatically installed. Most people that live in northern climates in American can do without their central air conditioning. A fan can lower the temperature on warmer days and save almost 60% of cooling bills. Saving this much on cooling bills definitely makes central air jump to the top of the list of household appliances you can live without.

We condition our bodies for central air conditioning and believe that we absolutely must have it. Though, we can live with a little discomfort from warmer days and get along just fine. Open up the windows and get a breeze going along with a fan and condition your body to not need central air.

In conclusion,
Are these household items something you could live without? Are these absolutely necessary to the daily function of your life?