Apply For Amazon Credit Card-Amazon Buy Now Pay Later

Apply For Amazon Credit Card?

Yes, you can apply for Amazon Credit Card through Chase to take advantage of the Amazon buy now pay later credit options. is one of the largest online retailers in today’s market. With millions of customers who trust its service and products and thousands of retailers who sell their products through the Amazon market place, getting an Amazon credit card may be a reasonable step for many people. Especially if you are one of the customers who shop on Amazon regularly. With the reward points and discounts you get through Amazon and Chase, it seems like a win win situation. As you know, Amazon is considered a one stop shop! And on many items you can get free super saver shipping so that is also an added benefit.

How To apply For Amazon Credit Card

You can apply for an Amazon Credit Card by pressing here. They make the process rather simple actually, and you get to shop instantly if you are approved. Not only that, you also get instant credit of $50 to shop right away. Amazon, makes the process of applying very simple. It is through Chase Visa, so the credit process may be a little more competitive, however, you don’t know if you qualify unless you apply.


You get several benefits when you use your Amazon Credit Card. You get points to redeem on, gas stations, drugstores and restaurants as well as Visa. For every 100 points, you get $1 redeemable spending cash! According to ‘You can also redeem your points for cash back, gift cards, travel and more. Redemption minimums may apply for cash back and gift cards.’

Apply For The Amazon Store Card

Another option for buy now later through Amazon, is the Amazon Store Card. See the application procedures here. With the Amazon Store Card, you can apply for credit shop within 30 seconds of applying if you are approved. You can get up to 2 years of financing using your new Amazon Store Card on select items. You also get $10 instant shopping credit on your first purchase with your new Amazon Store Card. Please make sure you read the terms and agreement carefully before applying.

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Always make sure you read the terms and agreement for the Amazon Credit Card or any credit card that you may apply for online or elsewhere. Make sure the terms are acceptable before you give anyone your personal information and apply for credit cards online.