Applying Eye Make Up In 3 Easy Steps

Eyes are an important part of the face which helps enhance our personality. Our eyes can make us look spectacular but if we don’t know the secrets to applying eye makeup, there’s no way we can take advantage of this. When evening calls for a dazzling night, we want to focus more on our eyes to make them attractive. Here are the three simple steps for applying eye make up that can help you create beautiful and attractive eyes.

Step #1: Focus On The Eyelids

Different types and brands of eye shadows come in sets of three complimentary colors. They are available in three different values which include light, medium and dark. You also have the option to choose from matte or frosted finish.

Well, many women know that they have to use three different colors, but how do you apply them so they merge into each other perfectly? Here is my secret.

It is always a good idea to start with the lighter shade and then move on to the darker one. Brush the base color which is the lighter color to the eyelids including the bones of the eyebrows.

Apply with light hands and once you have got your eye covered with the lighter shade, apply the medium shade to the lids of the eyes and then the darker shade as the highlighter.

Step # 2: Your Eyeliner

You can create different effects by applying your eye liner in different ways. Eyeliner is something that can make small eyes look big. If you don’t have much experience applying eye makeup, especially eyeliner, you must choose an eyeliner pencil rather than liquid eyeliner.

The pencil you choose should be able to draw an unbroken thin line along your skin. You can always test it on your hands first. Hold the eyeliner like you are holding a pen with one hand and use the other hand to stretch your eyes.

Line your eyes from the outer corners and focus on the part you are drawing the line on. The line you draw should be slightly above your eyelashes and extended to the outer corner of the eyes.

Step # 3: Your Mascara

Mascara is one of the most popular beauty products available today. It defines the lashes and brings color to them, highlighting the eyes. If you apply your mascara perfectly, you will be able to achieve those attractive eyes who had always wanted. However, if you are unable to apply the mascara well, you will make a huge mess on your face.

When applying mascara, make sure that they appear as natural as possible. Apply mascara to the tip of the lashes with repeated light brush strokes. Each stroke you apply should separate your lashes building a nice coating that extends your lashes and darkens them.

Wiggle the wand of the mascara from the left to the right as this will help separate the lashes. In the final step, close your eyes, place the wand at the base of the lashes and pull through to remove clumps and you are done with your eye makeup.