Applying for Low Income Rent Apartments in New York

Applying for Low Income Apartments in New York: Only for Immigrants?

You want to apply for low income apartments in New York, and notice that everyone else applying appears to be or sound Hispanic or Jamaican or Scottish which makes you wonder if the low income apartments in New York are only for immigrants. Now, no one is being racist or one of those ‘America is for Americans’ people. New York, especially, is known as the ‘melting pot’ of our country. All nationalities live in New York, especially in New York city, which is comparable to a mini United Nations.

If you start applying for low income apartments in New York, and find you are being turned down time and again, you could ask if the units are only for immigrants. Even if they aren’t, it might put the fear of God or the government into the hearts and heads of those running the low income apartments and next thing you know, suddenly there will be a wonderful, roach free, low income unit for you or you and your family! Perhaps they just aren’t familiar with rental laws? Of course, I’m not familiar with New York rental laws, either. For all I know low income apartment rentals are just for new immigrants to this country. If that’s the case, they’ll be fairly empty soon if the Republicans have their way and get rid of all immigrants and stop allowing immigration to the U.S. unless you can contribute millions or billions of dollars to the economy. Who do you think would stand a better chance of getting in – Prince Harry or Jose Sanchez? Who is Jose Sanchez? I have no idea – but we all know who Prince Harry is. Trouble is, the upper crust of immigrants wouldn’t want to live in low income apartments anywhere. If, when applying for low income apartments, you find out they are only for immigrants, it’s time to become an immigrant. You could say you are from Middle Earth.

Low Income Apartments For Rent in New York: Is It Even Possible?

Have you ever wondered if there are any low income apartments for rent in New York, if that is even possible? It seems like there are plenty of low income apartments in places like Tallahassee, Florida, and lower swamp Mississippi. But what about in our nation’s shining light city? Not D.C. – New York city! Is it even possible there are low income apartments for rent in New York? Maybe in certain areas of the state. But New York city? One good thing about renting in New York City are the rent control laws. Which explains why once someone gets an apartment they hang on to it for dear life. Rent regulation in New York City is comprised of two parts – rent control and rent stabilization. Rent control is the oldest regulation. Under rent stabilization, rents can be increased as long as the owner of the apartment building does significant renovations and such requiring a higher rent. But it cannot be raised too much, or if it’s found tenants are being over-increased on their rents, the owner has to pay them triple what was charged!

What about when a new lease is signed? Someone in a rent controlled or rent stabilized unit has died or won the lottery and moved to Europe. Those are the only two ways to get a vacant apartment, low income or otherwise. Apartments are in such high demand that whoever slips the most money to the building owner gets first dibs on a vacancy. That’s because there are more people in New York than there is room for them. Why do you think some sleep on park benches and subways? It’s not because they can’t or don’t work – it’s because there are no vacancies. Which leads back to the discussion of low income apartments for rent in New York, if it’s even possible. In the state of New York it’s highly possibly. Near Canada maybe. In the city of New York – you better hope the low income apartment belongs to someone who wills it to you. Because that’s probably the only way it’s possible to get a low income apartment for rent in New York city.