April Fool Day Prank Ideas

April Fools’ Day prank ideas are plentiful online. For a prank or a joke to be successful it needs to be sometimes elaborate or controversial. If you own a business and you want to play practical jokes on your employees, there are a lot of things you can do. This first April fool prank idea is a terrible one but it will get a good laugh when the anger subsides. For example, you can arrive early and do put up a poster on the front door that states the following: Due to the current economy Crisis, the management team has decided to close the business until foreseeable future. All current employees will receive official confirmation letter their mail box. We thank you for your understanding and all the hard work you have put throughout the years.”

This is a very bad April fool’s day prank. It will make you laugh but it can also backfire. Only do this if you know your employees. If you’re not sure don’t do it.

Another prank idea that is just as bad as the one stated above is to leave a note for your spouse thanking him or her for a wonderful time together. You can also state in your note that you have decided to move on with someone else because you think you’ll be happier that way. In order for this to be credible, you need to remove some of your personal belongings and hide them. This is a bad April fool’s day prank but it can be fun for a little while. If you’re a man doing this to your wife, you might think it is funny but your wife will make you pay for it. You will have to sleep on the sofa for a few weeks in order to realize the gravity of your stupid joke. You might also have to pay for some exotic vacation in order to ease the wrath of your spouse.

If you have grown up children, you can call them over for a family meeting and play an April fool’s joke on them. You need to plan this very well with your spouse and be dead serious when you start to say: “Your mother and I have decided to get a divorce. It is not that we don’t love each other, but we think it is in the best interest of both of us to seek happiness elsewhere.” You need to be serious and watch carefully their reactions. When your children finally realize that you’re only joking, you must not be surprised to hear a few expletives.