Are Banners Really Durable Even in Bad Weather?

A vinyl banner is a great way to spread the word about your product, business or company but what happens to a banner sign when hung up during bad weather? Can a banner of this nature stand up to the abusive of weather wear and the outdoors? Just how durable are different types of banners and which type of banner is the most durable? The short answer is that vinyl banners tend to be the most durable for a number of reasons. Using a vinyl banner outside of your store or place of business is surely a great way to advertise yourself and give your business a more professional look but with the money that you’re spending on it you’ll want to make sure that it is as durable as you need it to be.

Choosing the Right Banner Sign

The first step is choosing the right banner sign for your purposes. Certain types of banners are more durable than other. Vinyl banners are especially good for outdoor display. When deciding on what kind of banner to purchase keep in mind the use you have in mind for it. For example, a banner for indoor display does not need to be particularly weather proof since it obviously won’t be experiencing much weather. Size can also affect how durable a banner sign is. A very small sign for outdoor display will actually stand up to weather better than a large banner sign. This is because there is less surface area for things like wind and rain to effect. However, depending on the material you can certainly find a very durable large banner that will stand up to the abuse that the weather dishes out.

Choosing the Most Durable Material

For all intents and purposes the most durable and cost-effective material for banner signs is vinyl. Vinyl is very strong and can stand up to the abuse of the wind, rain and direct sunlight without ripping tearing or fading as quickly as some other materials. While vinyl is indeed the most durable it will not last forever. With this in mind you should be aware that even vinyl banners will experience weather wear if not properly taken care of. Other banner materials such a polyurethane and mess can make for a nice looking banner that doesn’t cost much but these materials don’t have a very long life.

Extending the Durability of Your Vinyl Banner

As previously mentioned, even a vinyl banner will fade if not properly taken care of. One of the ways to avoid this is to make sure that you are taking the proper steps to keep your banner in good shape. This means that even though it will be durable even during bad weather occasionally you may want to take it down and store it if you know there is a bad storm coming in. Taking the banner down when business hours end is also a good way to extend the durability of the banner. By taking care of your durable vinyl banner you’ll ensure that you don’t have to reinvest in a new one later on.