Are Electronic Gift Vouchers the Perfect Gift for Everyone?

Absolutely gift vouchers make the perfect gift. You dont have to go anywhere to purchase them, you can email them to the recipeint, and they dont have to go anywhere to redeem them. I would love to get an electronic gift voucher, and depending on where it was to, I am sure I could find something I would love to have. I dont know if I would recommend this gift for a child however. They would more rather to go to the store and physically pick out the item that they want. For anyone else though, it would be the perfect gift. – Jamestown, New York

Gift cards make the perfect present for most adults and teens. As soon as I receive a gift card I usually know exactly what to buy. The best gift cards are to retailers that sell multiple categories of items such as, Kohls, or Target. These retailers allow the person who receives it to purchase a number of things and the gift giver does not have to guess what they would want or need. I do not think that gift cards are a good gift for young children as they enjoy opening a new toy more than they would receiving a gift card. – OHIO

The perfect gift … Is it a piece of jewelry or a golf club? Maybe the perfect gift is the ability to buy either one. Gift certificates are often the perfect gift because it allows the recipient to get the gift that is perfect for him or her. But beware…sometimes a gift certificate can seem impersonal. Would it be romantic to give your spouse a gift certificate on Valentine’s day? I don’t think so. People should look at gift certificates as an option for a gift but not as a guarantee that it will be well received. – Miami

The perfect gift can often be a gift certificate. What makes gift certificates great for men, women, and children is that they can be used immediately to buy something the person wants, while still being a gift in themselves. Gift certificates are also great becasue they are easy to buy nearly anywhere and don’t make the buyer of them second guess themselves. – Idaho

The perfect gift would be something anyone would appreciate the most and that would be the gift card. A gift card to the recipient’s favorite store is always best, because it’s easy, compact and takes the guesswork out of gift buying. No need to worry about clothing size or be concerned if a perfume scent is too strong or too light. Everyone has personal preferences. Also, it saves you time from going to the store, not too mention the gas usage from driving from your home to the store and back. Have you seen the gas pump prices lately? Asides from gift cards, there are the Groupon vouchers. Services and goods that cater to the rich are now affordable to the average Joe because of these vouchers. Facials, beauty treatments, dinners, vacations that were considered a luxury are now attainable within our budget and are now affordable to give as gifts as well. Who can think of an affordable way to impress your friends and family other than using a Groupon voucher? In the past, if you received a gift you didn’t like, all you could do was smile and accept the gift graciously. With our ever changing and fast moving technology, our society has developed into one that demands immediate gratification. Sadly, there are even registries have evolved from a typical wedding registry to a birthday wishlist for a 6-year old. It seems everyone demands what they want to receive. Gift cards and vouchers would seem too simple and impersonal to some, but to see the recipient’s expression accepting the giftcard with sincere appreciation makes it all worth the effort. As for me, I’ll gladly accept a giftcard or voucher anyday! – San Francisco, California