Are Infant Headbands Safe?

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Are infant headbands safe for your little one to wear? Many little newborn girls are sporting those lovely headbands that make them look oh so adorable. It’s not enough that a newborn baby is so cute to begin with, the added lure of making the baby a princess by all those cute accessories is so hard for new mommies.

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I don’t blame them, do you? But what about safety? Can they possibly be hazardous to your infant child? Here are some rules that should be adhered to when choosing a headband for the little one:

When you go out to purchase your headband, perhaps try it on your child first. The reason why is because if you get one that is too tight, it can cause your little one discomfort and even irritate the sensitive skin. That’s all you need is a sore on her little head or face. If you get one as a gift and it doesn’t fit, immediately take it and exchange it for one that fits. If you can’t do that, there’s always a baby out there that it will fit.

Be very careful what you buy. Look over the infant headband to make sure there are no hard edges anywhere that would bruise her skin.

Make sure the band isn’t too heavy for her head. I don’t think I need to explain why.

Don ‘t wear the headband over an infant’s crown, make sure it is over the fore head. A baby’s crown is still soft so you don’t want to interfere with that.

Make sure the infant headband doesn’t have a lot of little pieces on it that can be pulled off. Most parent’s are pretty smart with that, but a lot of foreign made outsourced products have different policies. What may be acceptable in some countries is not here, but somehow we have this stuff on our shelves. So, for safety sake, you may want to buy domestic headbands from the country you live in to make sure that the product is made according to standards.

How do you determine if your little one is wearing the correct size? First thing to do is measure the circumference of your baby’s head. Then subtract one inch from the circumference. The size of the headband should be the this size if you are using a low to medium stretch. Just remember it goes on the forehead, not on the soft crown. This won’t have much give so make sure it is a nice comfortable fit.

Remember any time you are putting something on your child, you as a Parent are totally responsible to make sure it is the perfect fit.

If you like to make your own infant headbands, check out this video tutorial:

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