Are Magazine Subscriptions Worth The Money?

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Magazine subscriptions are not as common as they used to be. There is a reason for that. The explosion of information that the internet and internet connected devices has allowed people to access has made many magazines rather obsolete. In fact, with today’s access to information one has to wonder if magazine subscriptions are actually worth it.

The Cons

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There are a few main reasons that magazines are falling out of favor.

First, they cost money. The internet is free. However, much of the content that you are used to in your favorite magazine may cost you on the internet. After all, the magazine does not want to offer you for free online what you pay for in print.

Second, they are bulky. Most people save their magazines for a long time and eventually end up with stacks of magazines that they don’t know what to do with. The inevitable decision of ‘save’ or ‘toss’ comes up. If you decide to just read them and toss them it ends up being a lot of recycling, which seems wasteful.

Third, lots of magazines seem like 90% ads. At some point a subscriber wonders why they are paying $19.99 per year for a monthly advertisement to arrive at their home. The content is simply not there.

If you find your magazine lacking content and ending up as recycling every month, I would suggest that you don’t need it. Find another way to get your information.

The Pros

On the other hand, there are things about magazines that still cannot be beat online.

First, you get to flip the page. Even with tablet PCs the experience is not the same as sitting in a chair and reading a good magazine. E-readers are also not the same thing, though they are great. It is less stressful for many people to read something that doesn’t run on electricity and have a backlight.

Second, there are magazines that simply have to be seen in person to get the full effect. Such magazines as photography magazines, nature magazines, how-to magazines, cooking and recipe magazines, or a magazine like National Geographic. No website will replace reading these in person.

If the content is rich, the art is stellar, and the value of keeping the magazine is high, it is a good magazine to subscribe to. If you might read an article again later it may be a good value. If it is news or current events, you may very well be wasting your money.

It’s Up To You

Of course, it’s up to you. The monthly gossip magazine might be your favorite thing to read. If so, fine, subscribe. If you don’t open your magazines right when they arrive, you probably don’t really care about them that much. Save your money or susbscribe to a different magazine that has more value for you. That way you will be spending your money wisely on the magazines that you really want.

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