News Are Online Tarot Readings Legitimate

Are Online Tarot Readings Legitimate


The Internet has changed the way many things are done, and seeking advice from a psychic is not an exception. There are many ways of getting a tarot reading online or on the phone, without having to see a psychic advisor in person. However the question remains, are online Tarot readings legitimate or just a sham?

Free Online Tarot Readings

Most of the time, online free tarot predictions are generated by a computer, without any sort of human intervention. In some cases the interpretation of the reading is just a list of the individual meanings of each card, but more complex software can provide additional insight based on the position of a card and even what other cards are present on the reading. However, those readings are little more than a digital Tarot reading for yourself, so it may be difficult to get real insight from one of those readings if you are not familiar with the card and the reading. They can, however, be a great tool to learn a particular spread, as they will give you the meanings of each card and position of the spread in an easy to remember way.

Introductory Psychic Consultations

You can often get the first 3 minutes of a reading online with a real psychic for free or very little money, and sometimes Tarot readers will offer to draw cards in answer to your question via email or a forum. Most of those readings are there to hook you into spending money, so at best the answers will be incomplete and leading to even more questions. While it is true that if they just answer everybody’s questions for free there would be little in terms of business, sometimes this can feel like a scam. Even worse are those offering to do a celtic cross tarot reading for you and just sending you a pre-written email with your name and vaguely related to your question, in the hopes that you’ll purchase a real consultation.

Paid Online Tarot Readings

There are many psychics that offer their services online, and in general they are as legitimate as if you were to see them in person. While there will always be some trying to trick you into paying for empty advice and generic comments, the benefit of getting an online tarot reading is that you can hang the phone the moment you feel somebody is not legitimate. If you are having a consultation in person you may have to pay in advance or feel embarrassed about telling the psychic that you don’t believe them at all and want your money back right away.

Are online Tarot readings legitimate? It depends on what you expect and the qualifications of the psychic you are consulting. In general, Tarot readers who have a successful website with satisfied clients are as good online as they’d be in person, whereas extremely cheap and mysterious clairvoyants who talk a lot and say very little of interest are most probably scammers trying to get you to pay for advice you cannot use. Use your best judgement and never pay before you actually have developed a degree of trust with the website or psychic offering you a paid or free online Tarot reading.

Are Online Tarot Readings Legitimate
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