News Are there any natural ways to lower cholesterol?

Are there any natural ways to lower cholesterol?


When one receives the news that he or she has high cholesterol or too much of the “bad” cholesterol often the first response is one of dread at having to take medication forever to counteract these numbers, but the good news is there are natural ways to lower cholesterol.

For those who do not wish to take statins to lower their cholesterol many books have spelled out great plans that offer patients an opportunity to make life style changes, add supplements or do other natural things that will lower the cholesterol and improve overall health. One such book, by PhD and registered dietician Janet Brill, offers users several suggestions that will lower cholesterol without the need for statin medications at all. The book called, Cholesterol Down: Ten Simple Steps to Lower Your Cholesterol in Four Weeks–Without Prescription Drugs , explains in detailed but simple terms several approaches that will all be helpful in controlling cholesterol levels.

Are there any natural ways to lower cholesterol?

What natural ways to lower cholesterol does Dr. Brill write about?

Are there any natural ways to lower cholesterol?

In this book Dr. Brill describes ten basic ways that one can lower his or her cholesterol without taking medication. She discusses such ideas as eating whole grains to lower LDL numbers and using antioxidants to reduce the buildup of plaque in the arteries. The book also discusses how walking 30 minutes a day which is a simple and easy to follow exercise plan can lower cholesterol, reduce weight, and reduce the more dangerous belly fat.

The book has checklists, a six month chart for tracking LDL levels, sample menus, heart health assessments, recipes and other tools that one can use to help work toward a more healthy cholesterol level and an overall healthier cardiovascular system. The plan discusses nine miracle foods that when added to the diet will also be helpful in reducing cholesterol and improving one’s overall health. This easy to follow program has been shown to lower cholesterol in a matter of several weeks. It is a great and easy natural way to lower cholesterol. Results have shown a reduction of up to 47% when using Dr. Brill’s methods.

Users of the program are encouraged and recommend it as a natural way to lower cholesterol

Are there any natural ways to lower cholesterol?

Those who have used this natural way to lower cholesterol program have given it high praise in a number of reviews. They have reported lower cholesterol, weight loss and an overall feeling of general better health. Most of the patients are able to add in the half hour of walking a day without difficulty. The added foods are generally followed by most readers. Occasionally someone is allergic to an item or simply does not like it, and while this might not be optimal, he or she still seems to be able to lower cholesterol significantly. Users find it relatively easy to stick to this plan long term, and many do not need to take the statin medications so often prescribed for high cholesterol levels if they carefully follow the advice of Dr. Brill. Readers seem to be very pleased and very willing to use this easy program as a plan that is, in essence, a natural way to lower cholesterol.

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Are there any natural ways to lower cholesterol?
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