Are There Charities That Give Money Back? – Find Charities Where Your Donated Dollar Goes Even Further

For many it is a struggle to depart with our money, even if we are donating it to a good cause, but did you know that there are charities that give money back into their communities after they have received donations? From paying utility bills to providing emergency coverage for your rent to assistance in food costs, medical bills, or even daycare, there are charities that give money back in every community so that their dollars received in donations help the local economy.

Charities That Give Money Back Don’t Give Checks

When it comes to the discussion about charities that give money back to their communities, it is important to note that these charities don’t simply write out a check to someone to spend on whatever they want. Doing so would be foolish as many people would take advantage of such a system and spend the money on other items instead of the intended items. However, these charities, after a careful application process, will examine the finances of their applicants and issue checks directly to an organization in their applicant’s name as a form of assistance.

Charities That Give Money Back in the Form of Rental Assistance

If you are living in a house or apartment, have lost your job, and don’t have any money to pay the rent and are about to be evicted from your home, then there are many local charities that give money back into their communities by helping you be able to meet your rental obligations on a short term basis. To qualify for these, you often have to prove that your are looking for work, provide copies of the applications that you are sending out, and must send out a quota of applications per week.

Charities That Give Money Back in the Form of Utility Assistance

Even though there are government programs in many countries around the world to help those who are less fortunate be able to pay their power and heating bills in times of crisis, for some families this just isn’t enough assistance, so there are local charities that give money back by helping pay the bills to keep the lights on. To qualify for these programs you must generally meet certain income requirements and have members of your family be considered at-risk should your home not receive any power.

Charities That Give Money Back in the Form of Food

Almost every community around the globe has a food bank of some sort, or a place where those who don’t have enough money to purchase food for themselves can go and receive food assistance for free. Every food bank is a charity, and these are often charities that give money back by purchasing food locally to distribute locally. Many times you do not even need to qualify to receive assistance at a food bank – they simply take your information down and track the number of times you need assistance.

Knowing where your money goes, how it is being spent, and what it is being spent on is important when it comes to your charitable donations. Giving money to charities that give money back can often mean that your donation to a local charity is helping others locally and is keeping your dollars locally, which all benefits your local economy.