Are there risks in laser eye surgery?

Are there risks in laser eye surgery?, Seekyt

Research shows that approximately 7% of adults who are short-sighted in the UK have corrected their vision with laser eye surgery. Over 100,000 LASIK procedures are carried out in UK each year, but it is still a small number compared to the number of adults who have myopia. Although almost every short-sighted adult have heard about laser eye surgery and its benefits, they are hesitant to have laser eye surgery due to perceived risks of the procedure and the worry that something might go wrong. You can’t blame them because the eye is definitely one of most vital parts of the human body.

Is laser eye surgery risky?

In the 1990s, there were stories of patients having complications such as halos or glare at night after having laser eye surgery. The same still persist today where the public perception of modern Lasik procedures is a decade behind the reality. The rapid advances in technology and safety have made laser eye surgery one of the safest procedures in the world and risks are much lower than what people think.

Modern laser eye surgery

The success rates of many modern clinics have helped removing worries about laser eye surgery risks or complications of treatment. It is said that almost 95% of patients can see even better than 20/20 vision following laser eye correction and some patients even have a vision of 20/12, which is termed “supervision”.

The risk of modern laser eye surgery is so minor that some clinics offer free lifetime care, which agrees to free laser eye enhancement if the patient needs further improvement to their vision.

Another perceived risk of Lasik treatment is that it is temporary. It is considered a myth among most eye specialists since in fact laser vision correction is a permanent treatment. The only way that a patient would need extra surgery is if their myopia gets worse.

With risks at a minimum and laser eye surgery cost becoming affordable, it is only a matter of time spectacles and contact lenses become a thing of the past.