Are You A Secret Work Wife?

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Are You A Secret Work Wife?, SeekytAre you a secret work wife or do you have a work wife? Work wives are women that have a close relationship with a male coworker that resembles the relationship of a married couple. A work wife may bring lunch from home for her work husband and treat him like a husband in many other ways. Obviously, this is why these relationships are kept secret sometime.

Not Always Physical

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But one of the most interesting things about these relationships is that they aren’t necessarily physical relationships. Another intriguing part of the work spouse relationship is that one or both of the people involved in the relationship may actually be legally married or be in another relationship with someone else outside the office. Sometimes these relationships grow out of close working relationships where two people spend more time together than they spend at home with their significant others. {Also see, [‘My Husband Has A Work Wife. Is He Cheating?’].

Virtual Wife

For some people, long hours at work and all of the things associated with work, Are You A Secret Work Wife?, Seekytset up another world that imitates the real world. Coworkers share joys and heartaches, victories and losses, births, deaths, and birthdays. They also have private moments where they share personal information. When two people share personal information over time it binds them together and deepens trust in one another. All of the time spent together sharing life creates a situation where a person becomes known as a work wife.


Ironically, one thing that exposes a secret work wife relationship is bickering. When work spouses argue it looks and sounds like a married couple. Sometimes the same things that tie work spouses together are the same things that cause them to get on one anothers nerves. Husbands are notorious for all of the attention that they require from wives and how it can drive a wife crazy. It’s no different for the work wife. Her work husband may drive her crazy and the battles that follow can be epic. Likewise, some husbands make a lifestyle out of getting out of doing everything a wife needs. So it can be for the work wife. She may find it easier to become a supermodel than to get what she needs from her work husband.

Driven Together

The demands of the job are another factor that goes into creating the secret work wife. Unreasonable deadlines, assignments, bosses, and coworkers can drive like-minded coworkers together. Likewise when it comes to the positive side of our jobs. When people work well together to make good things happen, it binds them together.

Emotional Support

Secret work wives Are You A Secret Work Wife?, Seekytget and give needed emotional support and encouragement. She also get a defender and protector that stands with her or acts as a shield when needed. There are exceptions to the rule but these relationships exists because for some people, they work on many levels. Do you recognize this relationship at your office? Do you see yourself as a secret work wife and would you tell us if you are?

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Are You A Secret Work Wife?, Seekyt
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