News Are You a Stylish Man? Check Out These Trends

Are You a Stylish Man? Check Out These Trends


When talking of men fashion, there is a tendency of thinking back to the good old suit. Frankly, the suit was the quintessential attire for the fashionable man but if you really want to stick out today, you have to try harder.

The modern day stylish man has to keep up with trends and this is why you need to learn a bit about what is hot. If you want to keep up with Bradley Cooper, Pharrell, Big Sean, Kanye West and other fashion icons, you had better have one of these in your wardrobe:

Double Breasted Blazer

Yes, you will have to go back to this 80s favorite and get a double breasted blazer. It has been a hot item on fashion shows defining what is trending including Ovaida& Sons and Malan Breton. To make an impression, you have to wear the blazer right, which is sparingly.

The blazer’s tailoring has to be short and fitting around the waist. This summer fashion debut will give you a unique fashion statement but remember not to wear it buggy lest you look like a grumpy 80s politician.

White is Hot

Think R. Kelly in a white suit, hot isn’t it? This is the in-thing today and to keep tongues wagging then try donning it. Remember the devil is in the details when it comes to white, which means you have to ensure the material texture is right.

For example, try out a linen suit with a cotton shirt and you will beat Di Caprio hands down. It is no wonder then that this was the big talk at Billy Reid, Diesel Black Gold and other Mercedes Benz fashion week collections.

The New Varsity Jacket

The blazer might be hot but if you work in a cool environment where relaxed formal is acceptable, the New Varsity jacket fits in just right. Now stop shaking your head because this is about the new logo-less jacket, which will make you outstanding in all aspects.

Print is the Way to Go

It took a long time coming but it is finally here; men’s print fashion. Starting with the shorts, which were a big hit at David Hart and Michael Bastien, to blazers you can never go wrong with if you want to make a statement.

Color Blocking is Cooler

Forget the myths because at the Nautica and David Hart runways, the color blocked shirts stole the show completely. If you appreciate a pop of color but not on the excessive side then this is the style for you.

If you work in a relaxed office, you can don a horizontal, vertical or diagonal pattern to get a stylish, cool yet serious look.

Red is Hotter

Stop laughing now because Burberry and Louis Vuitton want to say something to you. Men’s red is hot today. If you want to step out right this season, try out anything red from metallic to the basic reds on blazers, shirts, shorts and sweaters.

If you are in business now you know what to stock. You can easily order from wholesale fashion clothinglines and get amazing discounts on bulk orders.

What’s more, you can also buy wholesale for your wardrobe and get package discounts with easy delivery. Being the most outstanding man has never been easier.


The writer has years of experience in the fashion world following every season trend year in year out. If you want the best out of your wholesale fashion clothing purchase, this is the expert to turn to.

Are You a Stylish Man? Check Out These Trends
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