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Are You Experiencing Back Pain During Pregnancy? – These Tips Can Help Relieve Some of That For You!

Guys just don’t understand what it means to be experiencing back pain during pregnancy. After all, your body is now carrying 20, 30, 50, or even more extra pounds depending on your doctor’s recommendations for maintaining a healthy pregnancy. Sometimes when you are experiencing back pain during pregnancy it gets to such an excruciating level that even the thought of getting out bed fills you with dread. Never fear, because with these tips, you can experience some relief and get back to living your active lifestyle.

Counter Pressure Works Wonders

One of the best methods to stop experiencing back pain during pregnancy for awhile is to have someone put some counter pressure against you. One of the easiest methods of doing this is to have you sit upright in a chair or a couch. Have your partner or your friend apply firm pressure against your knee caps like they are attempting to drive your knees straight through your back. This will literally bring you instant relief because the pressure on your back muscles is instantly removed. You can do this as many times as your partner or friend is willing to assist you so that you are no longer experiencing back pain during pregnancy… at least for a few moments.

Stretching and Yoga Is Fabulous

If you are experiencing back pain during pregnancy, then a few stretches either in a formal method like Yoga or simply at home by yourself can give you moments of relief. A very basic stretch that never fails to work is a basic Yoga position. Kneel down on the floor in a comfortable position and then sit back on your heels. Lean forward until your elbows, forearms, or even forehead can reach the floor. This takes pressure off your back and allows you to rest as long as you can hold the stretch.

Get In the Water!

Nothing takes the weight off like becoming weightless, and since space travel isn’t much of an option for the general public, the next best thing is a swimming pool. When it comes to back pain during pregnancy, the water helps relieve the pain because it helps support your weight. This makes water exercises an excellent option for keeping in shape even during the third trimester, though many mothers simply like to get in the water to ease their back pain during pregnancy.

Lumbar Support Pillows

For many women experiencing back pain during pregnancy, the ability to rest all parts of the back becomes difficult because of the change in body shape – after all, sitting straight up and maintaing good posture with that developing child in the way can be quite challenging. Properly supporting your back while you sit with lumbar support pillows is a great way to relax and ease the pressure off your aching muscles. In a pinch, a few regular pillows placed strategically can mimic this effect.

So if you are experiencing back pain during pregnancy, try out these little tips to see if they can bring you some relief from that constant discomfort!

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