Are you exposing yourself to Radiation in your sleep?

How would radiation be in my house?

Think about it, the centre of the earth is a giant ball of radioactive elements. It can’t stay in there for ever and over time it will escape into your house. The Radon gas (the radioactive gas) escapes in two main ways.

  1. It could be leaking from underground your house. The Earth emits radiation constantly though the dirt below your feet. Certain places, even certain houses will have different levels of Radon gas coming through the floor, water, basically all possible sources.
  2. You may have stone features in your house that contain Radon. The most common example of this is granite work-tops. Granite is formed deep underground from cooling magma. The same magma that has mixed with all the radioactive elements in the Earths core. 

I think my house may have high radon levels, what do I do?

You can either hire a professional to come round and charge a fortune in doing so or you can buy a DIY kit. For example there is a link in the picture on the right. With that particular model you must leave the contents lying on the floor for a few days and then send it off for analysis. Other products will also work but make sure they are Radon Gas detectors. You wouldn’t be an odd one out though as 1/15 of American homes are thought to have high levels of Radon.

How do I lower Radon levels?

  1. Open windows from time to time. This should be done in any house not just a Radon filled one and is generally a good idea.
  2. Buy a Radon reduction kit, some can even lower the Radon levels by 99%!


Overall Radon radiation isn’t a huge thing to worry about in the majority of homes. Almost everything has some form of radiation and besides, you’ve made it this far. Even sunlight has a slight amount of radiation. If you are worried I would suggest that you buy a test to see though.