Are You In The Market To Buy A Corner Fish Tank?

Do you have limited space or just the perfect corner and are in the market to buy a corner fish tank? There are a number of corner fish tanks for sale that are available at different online and physical stores.

Fish tanks are available in a wide variety of styles, sizes, colours and materials. You can find a relatively cheap corner fish tank or a sophisticated and elegant one that will add to the ambience of your office or home.

I have made a list of 10 corner fish tanks that I found on Amazon. I have listed them from most expensive to least expensive. The prices are from March 10, 2012 and are subject to change but will give you a ballpark range. This article will help you plan what you are looking for and in what price range.

Corner Aquarium ($1599.95)

Compass Rose 36 Gallon Corner Fish Tank – Black w/ Aquarium Kit ($934.95)

Water World Compass Rose Collection Corner Aquarium and Stand, Walnut, 50-Gallon($821.58)

Compass Rose Collection Corner Aquarium and Stand, 36-Gallon ($669.95)

Penn Plax 36-Gallon Corner Aquarium Tank with Stand, Beech ($653.95)

Tetra Crescent Acrylic Aquarium Kit ($48.12)

Marineland Eclipse Seamless Integrated Aquarium System, 5 Gallons, Corner ($43.35)

AquaView Diamond Shaped Aquarium ($19.95)

Aquarius AQ11204 BettaView Brite Corner Tank ($17.00)

Aquarius1 1 Gallon Tank Aquarium System AQ11104BLK ($9.97)

You can also find the needed equipment to put your aquarium together including filters, aerators, accessories, plants and anything else you need.

Taking Care of Fish

One of the advantages that fish have over other pets is that they are relatively easy to care for. They basically only require feeding and regular periodic maintenance and cleaning on the equipment. This is a generality though because some species need more than others. For instance, some tropical species require a tightly maintained water temperature with little variation.

Popular Fish Species

There are a number of fish species that are kept as pets. Some of these species can live together in harmony while others will kill each other. Many of them are quite beautiful. You should consult with people who are familiar with fish or do research online for more information on the species you are interested in.

Some popular fish species include: angelfish, anthias, assessors, bass, basslets, batfish, blennies, boxfish, butterflyfish, cardinalfish, clownfish, damsels, dragonets, foxface, frogfish, gobies, goldfish, groupers, hawkfish, hogfish, jawfish, parrotfish, pufferfish, rabbitfish, scorpionfish, squirrelfish, tilefish, and triggerfish. There are many, many more species.

Each fish species has its own requirements in terms of what to eat. There are a wide variety of things that fish can eat. The most common and easy thing to feed fish are fish flakes, but there are a variety of other types of fish food. There are even carnivorous fish that eat meat.

Final Thoughts

Fish are an excellent choice for a pet. Having a fish tank in the house is very calming. If you are in the market to buy a corner fish tank, take a look at the ten choices offered above.