Are You Intrigued by the Secrets of How to Grow your Lashes Naturally?

Are you enthralled to know how to get longer eyelashes? You’re not alone. There are many women having desire to lengthen their eyelashes. Some of you might have short lashes while there is other who experience the lash fall out and breakages. You might be curious to know how to enhance the length of your eyelashes. Shortly we’ll be discussing about the significance of longer eyelashes then we’ll move on to reveal the secrets to grow longer eyelashes.

Longer eyelashes symbolize the natural beauty which is precious asset of women. Irrespective of age, any women try the natural as well as chemical procedure to increase the length of their lashes. There is a scientific reason behind women wanting to get longer lashes. It is a sign of youth and suggests good genes which ultimately indicate the fertility. This is one of the reasons for males to attract towards women.

Some people do have genetically gifted long and thicker eyelashes. While some of you use the extensions, fake eyelashes and cheap mascaras to enhance the length of eyelashes. Improper use of the products can damage the lashes resulting into breakages. There are some secrets that you can try to fulfill your desire of longer lashes.

Tricks to Grow Your Lashes Naturally:

Few years from now, numerous lash enriching tips have been suggested. Now we’ll discuss some of those tips and dig out the truth behind the proposed lash lengthening approaches.

1. Use a Lash-Lengthening Gel:

To get quick yet effective results, try using boosting gel. There are many clinically proven products which lengthen the lashes and also protect them from further damages. This also helps condition your eyelashes. Ensure to opt for those products which are paraben free. Unlike other lash enhancing products, these natural products have less risk to cause irritation.

These lash gels help nourish your eyelashes with help of vitamins and proteins. The presence of other rejuvenating ingredients retains its elasticity, moisture and shine.

Use the serum, twice a day at night. Always clean your eyes to remove makeup and then apply the gel to get maximum positive result.

2. Do Oils and Vitamins Really Work to Grow Your Lashes?

The natural oils contain vitamins, proteins which are required for growth of lash follicles. This is helpful to lubricate the lashes thereby promote its growth. One of the natural lubricants includes olive oil, coconut oil and almond oil. Women also use Vaseline to grow longer and fuller eyelashes.

However, applying this right before sleeping can stain your pillowcase. It is therefore necessary to apply it an hour before sleeping. This will get fully absorbed into your lashes thereby start its work of lengthening your lashes.

Apply a small dab of the oils and gently massage your eyelids. Rinse off your eyes in the morning. With consistent use you’ll get fuller and thicker eyelashes.

3. Food for Lashes:

Lack of nutrition can be barrier for your lash growth. Keratin is an essential protein required to promote growth of longer eyelashes. You can eat vegetables and fruits which contain lot of vitamins, minerals and proteins. This will support in healthy lash growth.

It prevents the brittle lashes by making it stronger. This is also helpful to nourish the lash follicles thereby encourage its natural growth.

4. Less is More:

Always remember the less you use the more you get more anything. When using the eye makeup, use it in limited way else this will irritate your eyes and damage your lashes. You should be cautious while using the curler as this could harm your lashes. Many people accidentally rip off their lashes while curling.

Applying heavy makeup or darker mascara could cling on your eyes. This can damage your brittle lashes. Sometime the heavy makeup takes its toll by clogging on the pores of your lashes which can cause redness. This could also affect the lash growth thereby causing abnormal fall out.

5. Invest in a Good Eye Makeup Remover:

Ensure to invest in good eye makeup remover. This should be free from harsh chemicals which could affect the growth rate of lashes. Cleansing and removing the makeup helps your lashes to breathe properly. If the mascaras stay on your lashes then it could dry them as well as stain your pillow covers and bed sheets. Again this smudges on the regions near your eyes.

Make it a point to remove your makeup every night. Invest in a good eye makeup remover that has natural ingredients. Avoid aggressive rubbing of eyelids and lashes while removing makeup. Gently wipe and get the makeup removed.

Bottom line:

Now that you know the secrets to grow eyelashes you can get desired results. If you still prefer using any cosmetic product ensure that it consists of all natural ingredients. This will ensure that you are using safe products which do not cause damage to areas near your eyes.