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Are You Man Enough to be Rich?

The title of this article might have surprised you, it might even have compelled you to read the content, the most important thing is that you challenged yourself and took the first step to becoming rich. Another point of view that may surprise you is that you don’t have to be lucky or privileged to be rich; you don’t have to be talented or incredibly smart although it does help.

The quality you need to become rich is a burning desire to learn and succeed no matter what. After reading and listening to a dozen of personal development books and personal finance books I’ve come to the healthy conclusion that I really can become rich and it all boils down to how badly I want it. I have listed four ways that anyone in America can become rich beyond their wildest dreams, how you can live well and help others and how you and your family can enjoy the finer things in life.

Changing the Way You Think About Money

Before I get stuck into the four ways to become filthy rich you need to take a look at how you view money. Do you see money as the root of all evil or do you see it as a means of helping yourself and others. Do you see money as a dichotomy? Or do you see it a complementary to all the other things in life. If you have a negative view of money the chances of becoming rich and wealthy are slim, if you see money as a way to help yourself and others then you have a good chance to become rich and wealthy. Change your paradigms and frame of mind, it’s only then you’ll see results.

#1: How Do I Become Rich as an Employee?

Most people in America are an employee and the only way to get ahead as an employee is to find solutions to problems. Most employees only really work a few hours a day and then complain about not getting ahead. Rather than complaining and whining would it not be better to take the initiative to get ahead by training and developing yourself to become a indispensable part of the company? Once you know everything there is to know through training and development all the best roles will come your way and within no time at all your income and net worth will rise. Don’t get comfortable with your salary, rather, continually push yourself for more.

#2: How Do I Become Rich as a Self Employed Person?

You could be self employed, the good news is you’ve taken another step to take your own destiny in your own hands; you are no longer being acted upon and are taking action. If you’re a doctor or accountant or sales person you’re goal is to generate more revenue by seeing more people and closing more deals. Take the time to refine yourself, take a course in sales and business development and management. Do some research into market trends and try to capitalize on any opportunity. Always be looking to see more customers.

If you have a burning desire then you’re business will succeed, your passion and motivation will really see you through. Once you’ve grown the business give it to a professional manager to grow even further or take on a partner. The more intelligent people you surround yourself among the quicker you’ll be rich.

#3: How Do I Buy a Business and Get Rich?

If you’re not prepared to start your own business then buy one, franchises are a great way to become rich. Franchises offer a tried and tested business model that you can use, in exchange for royalties you could buy the name and then start the business.

Franchises like Subway have a 7% failure rate. One of the best ways to avoid failing is to become an expert at the subject, read books, read strategies, read why people fail and then copy the model of successful people. If you can get your first franchise right you’ll have the confidence of opening more and then the money will really start to flow.

Other business models you can buy is real estate which you can give to estate agents to manage. If you can find a property and add value and rent it out you can develop a stream of passive income, repeat this a few times and you’ll see your cash flow and income grow very quickly.

#4: How Do I Invest Money to Get Rich?

Almost 90% of new investors lose their money; these investors are ignorant and have no protection insurance in place. Before you invest a single dime into an investment learn about what you’re getting yourself into, read at least twenty books and become an expert. Get help from a mentor and then use a practice account until you get it right. Once you’re ready use protection for the first few years until you know exactly what you’re doing.

Are You Man Enough to Be Rich?

Your wealth and riches really are in your hands. You need to look at the different options presented here and then learn and study about the one you really want to pursue. Have a burning desire to succeed and don’t give up no matter what. It’s up to you to take action! Are you man enough to take action and become rich?

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