Are you suffering from Calf Heart Attack?.

A patient had been suffering with a very painful right calf fatigue after mile he had been training for a marathon about a months.

A functional evaluation along with Active Release Technique was conducted and concluded that altered hip and ankle mechanics were overusing and overactivating the soleus and tibialis posterior muslces. With only 5 days before the race Active Release Technique in congruence with manipulation of the ankle joint. The patient was able to complete the race with no calf tightening.

During our first visit I asked him to place his finger on the spot that seemed most painful. After several careful passes with Active Release Techniques protocols, I felt a dramatic improvement in the relative motion of the soleus and tibialis posterior muscles. I felt that this dysfunction was signifigant but needed to check his function to determine the effectiveness of the treatment.

I asked him to run 5 miles that night and note / assess the progess load of the calf. On the second visit after reporting that his run went well with no real complaints. (Just some intial tightness in his overactive right psoas /illiacus I had worked earlier that day). I noted a 30% decrease in tension in his overall calf musculature only a few passes of ART. After this result, I continued the treatment by noting the tissue, texture and tension of relative structures with palpation. We planned the next visit the next day due to the fact he was leave the day after that.

On the final visit he reported that he felt good and that the marathon would be the test since he hadn’t really been training much since this all started. I ask him if he could email me he feedback after his race. That feedback was a report that he was able to complete the marathon without the occurence of his right calf muslces tightening up.

All that in just three quick A.R.T. treatments the week of his marathon!

If you would like more information on what ART is pleas visit the following link here at bloomington il chiropractor