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Find out how your trip can become a real adventure!
Without any doubts Italy is a perfect place if you are travelling with your sweetheart, family or friends.
It is full of romance, marvelous lakes, and splendid architecture. Rich history, various hotels and modern restaurants are waiting for you here.
Below there are several destinations which are worth your attention in Italy!
Let’s start our tour from the capital – Rome! The city is full of amazing buildings and ancient legends. Mainly the Renaissance and Baroque styles were used in the decorations of the parks, squares, stadiums, churches and streets.
Here you will not get bored for sure!


The first point to see is Capitoline Hill
As you know it is not a big but a very important place of 7 hills. A precious and fabulous building, well-known for its gliding was the Temple of Jupiter. It was created as a shrine to honor 3 Gods in the 6th century B.C.
Unfortunately, we can find only ruins from this majestic place and other ones. Worth visiting are Piazza del Campidoglio and 3 facades decorated by Michelangelo, big Victor Emmanuel Monument of the 12th century.
On the top of the hill there is the church of Santa Maria in Aracoeli with 124 stairs.

GPS: Latitude : 41.893201, Longitude : 12.482817
Location: Piazza del Campidoglio, Roma
Distance from the Ciampino Airport: 14.9 km
Gas consumed: 1.1L
Parking: free

The next place will be Excape adventure game!
Diversify your day with a new game! The idea to create something that will force you to use brain appeared not long ago. 2014 became the year when Excape was born.
If you are fond of different crosswords, puzzles, riddles, tricks, do not be shy and show all your strength. Invite your friends or family and take part in a very important mission. Choose one of two rooms and solve the mystery in 1 hour. Hurry up, the time is running!
GPS: Latitude : 41.895774, Longitude : 12.469642
Location: Via di Monserrato, 104, 00186
Distance from the previous point: 2.8 km
Gas consumed: 0.2 L
Parking: available

The last is Cinecitta World!
To create a huge cinema theme park it took $338 million, and 11 years of building. Here are everything from 20 attractions to theatres and a few restaurants.
Do you know what the biggest film studio in Europe is? Yes, it is Cinecitta World. The world of illusion and tricks is open for you. Come and enjoy a great play of fantasy and your imagination. Become a star of the movie right now!

GPS: Latitude : 41.715103, Longitude : 12.449136
Location: Via di Castel Romano, 200
Distance from the previous point: 25.1 km
Gas consumed: 1.9 L
Parking: available


Are you ready to explore Venice? Have a trip on the board of Gondola to enjoy 400 foot bridges and 170 boat canals, taste Italian cuisine, roam through parks and squares, Ca’ Rezzonico or La Fenice opera house.

The starting point is Paintball Mestre!
It’s time to show if you are fast enough and how quickly you can run away. The time you will spend here is a real adventure. You will get a chance to work as a team with your friends or other gamers.
Be the first who will mark more enemies and save its team from intruders. There are 2 locker rooms, showers, a place to have a bite and the main attraction is field with illumination for playing in darkness!
GPS: Latitude : 45.507468, Longitude : 12.228758
Location: Gabriel Bella, 30174 Venice, Italy
Distance from the previous point: 558.9 km
Gas consumed: 41.9L
Parking: free

The next visit is to La Bottega dei Mascareri – mask shop!
The shop was opened in 1984 with a great choice of masks. You can find masks of medieval characters and mythic creatures. The collection includes precious example of mask in gilding. They are used in movies and theaters. You can find them even on display of fashion design. Change your mood by choosing a fun or sad mask, scare your friend and just get fun!

GPS: Latitude : Latitude : 45.437092, Longitude : 12.327476
Location: San Polo 2720, 30125 Venice, Italy
Distance from the previous point: 14km
Gas consumed: 1.1L
Parking: free

Have you ever been to Casino Divenezia?
Have you any ideas what these 1.250.000 mean? Well, it is the money you can win if you are lucky enough to break the jackpot!
This casino is the oldest one in our planet, created in the first part of the 17th century.
The newest slot machines and a huge number of gaming places are waiting for you here.
Are you an excellent card player? Do you want to participate in the Texas Hold ’em Poker international championships? Why not to try? Win a prize and have fun!
GPS: Latitude : 45.443933, Longitude : 12.326716
Location: Sestiere Cannaregio, 2040
Distance from the previous point: 1.8km
Gas consumed: 0.1L
Parking: available

The finishing point is Piazza San Marco!
Do you want to see the biggest square of the country? Piazza San Marco is a home for the so called Church of Gold, where the archbishop lived.
The basilica with its high tower attracts tourists from the whole planet. On the square you will find marvelous Doge’s Palace of the 15th century, Procuratie Vecchie of the 12th century with 2 museums and library.
Enjoy the glory and beauty of the different architectural styles of Piazza San Marco!

GPS: Latitude : Latitude : 45.434167, Longitude : 12.338472
Location: Piazza San Marco, Venice
Distance from the previous point: 3.1 km
Gas consumed: 0.2 L
Parking: available

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