Are Zodiac Signs A Deal Breaker?

This question always seems to get very interesting responses. Some agree that zodiac signs are a deal breaker according to their experiences. While others just go with the flow.

So – does signs matter when it comes to Love?

See if any of these fun scenerios resonate with you:

An Aries man wanted to take me to the movies and asked what time was good for me. Before I could suggest a movie, he said he already picked it for us.

A Taurus man said that my body and outfit looked great for our 1st year anniversary. When asked where we were going to celebrate, he said he picked out the best place in town. His mother’s home cooking at her house.

A Gemini man said that he wanted to marry me. One week later, he changed his mind and wanted to travel the world alone instead.

A Cancer man said that I was free to do what I wanted. As long as he was told first.

A Leo man took me out for my birthday and when they brought out the cake, he yelled, ‘ Thank you, Thank You!’

A Virgo man came over for dinner and complimented the way that I set the table. A minute later he shifted everything.

A Libra man said that I was the most beautiful woman that he’d ever seen. That was right before he noticed another beautiful woman.

A Scorpio man was all smiles when we went out to a restaurant. Then HE seemed upset after wards. ‘Was it the food?’ I asked. ‘ No, I took my Ex to the same place 5 years ago and it still hurts.’

A Sagittarius man said that he saw himself with me forever but wanted to know how long forever meant to me.

A Capricorn man wanted to marry me the first time he laid eyes on me. When I asked what happened to his last relationship, he cheated on her.

A Pisces man swept me off my feet and convinced me that he was the answer to my dreams. Then one day, he went on an unwarranted tirade and woke me up back into reality.

An Aquarius man shared deep insight about the world on our first date. Then he shared deep insight again, again and again. Check please!