Arm Liposuction in Manhattan – Ideal Candidates

Are you looking to achieve well-contoured and youthful upper arms? The widely accepted liposuction procedure which can tone practically almost any area of the body can help achieve well-toned arms too. Arm liposuction offered at established plastic surgery facilities in Manhattan helps to get rid of superfluous fat from the arms and tightens the skin there to provide an attractive upper arm contour. However, not all individuals are ideal candidates for the treatment.

Who Are the Right Candidates for Liposuction on Arms?

>> Firstly, you should have diet and exercise resistant fat deposits in the upper arms.
>> You must be in good health.
>> Most importantly, you must maintain realistic expectations.
>> You must not have any active diseases or pre-existing medical conditions that may affect the treatment or recovery.
>> Those with medical problems such as diabetes, significant heart or lung disease, and poor blood circulation are not usually recommended this surgery.
>> Those who have undergone any other recent surgery in the area to be contoured can postpone the procedure to a later period.
>> You must have a good understanding of the procedure including its risks and benefits.
>> Like any other cosmetic procedure, you need to be mentally and emotionally stable to undergo the procedure.
>> Have an understanding of the recovery period and make sure it won’t clash with your important schedules.
>> Even though age is not a major consideration, men and women above 18 years of age are ideal candidates for arm liposuction. Older candidates may not have enough skin elasticity like young people and so the results may not be as good.

Why Is the Treatment Exceptional?

Laser liposuction using Smartlipo Triplex combines safety with efficiency to offer optimal results. The procedure selectively targets localized fat deposits and the laser energy liquefies fat to remove it effectively. In addition to coagulation of blood vessels, the procedure ensures skin tightening to offer a well-contoured look. Here are some pointers as to why the procedure is exceptional.

>> The treatment is performed under local anesthesia
>> Minimal complications and risks
>> Minimal pain or discomfort and surgical trauma
>> Under normal conditions, it takes less than 1 hour to complete
>> Minimal downtime and speedy recovery
>> Very small incisions and thus minimal scars
>> Flawless looking arms in considerably quick time

Arm liposuction will give you attractive-looking arms and a better choice of sleeveless dresses. The excellent aesthetic results offered by liposuction have made it a heavily requested treatment all around the world.