Around the World Costume Ideas

When it comes to Halloween costumes, there are many ideas to choose from. You can be anything in the world you want, from princesses to pirates and even a 1920’s gangster or flapper. The cooler costumes to dress up as happen to be costumes that represent different countries in the world. This costumes are highly educational, very colorful, and are very detailed.

Amazon has some of the greatest costumes from around the world. This article will be reviewing the four best costumes that Amazon offers and has the highest rating at this current time. So if you’re interested in a around the world costume, take some notes and save your money for a great costume from Amazon.

African DashikiTraditional African Dashiki

The first costume is a Traditional Dashiki that comes in a variety of colors (the one being show is pink). This costume was rated four and a half stars and is the top costume to choose if you want to be an African princess. This dashiki is four feet (fifty six inches) long, filled with tons of bead work and should be hand washed. It is comfortable, made from polyester, has a matching head wrap to go along with the costume. It is considered to be a modernized version to a classic dashiki, and it can not only be worn for costume parties and Halloween, but for every day use. Those who have bought the costume say it looks nearly identical to a traditional dashiki and brings out a more modern and prettier view in traditional dashikis, and is a very comfortable and fun outfit to wear.

American PatriotAmerican Patriot Costume

This next costume is a favorite on Amazon and one that is hard to come by in regular stores. This American Novelty patriot costume was rated four stars and is on several peoples wish lists for this Halloween. It is in the colors yellow, beige, black, and dark blue, and comes with a revolutionary war hat, boots, and an ascot. It is a nice quality costume and made out of cotton. It is a great costume for those who love the revolutionary war. It can be worn at costume parties as well as the historical revolutionary war re-enactments. The costume is of the utmost top quality and those who have bought it say it looks very authentic and was a huge hit with their family, friends, and colleagues.

Madame ButterflyMadame Butterfly Outfit

This costume is a favorite for those who love Asian culture and are interested in Geisha girls. This deluxe Geisha Girl costume has a top rating of four and a half stars and is a favorite among Amazon shoppers. The Geisha costume is made of 100% polyester and is said to only be hand washed in cold water. The costume comes in the colors of red and gold, and the costume is made up of a kimono and sash. It is a perfect costume for costume parties, Halloween, and dressing up year round to make movies or relax at home. It is made available in sizes for adult women. This is the perfect costume for those who love Asia and are interested in being a Geisha girl. It can also make for a great lazy day outfit for when you aren’t leaving your home.

LeprechaunIrish Leprechaun

This final costume is a great one for lovers of the Irish and of luck. The Leprechaun costume comes in colors of green black, and gold, and is a complete costume. It has the green top hat, jacket, cuffs, tie, and vest. It was rated four stars and is on quite a number of peoples wish lists for the upcoming costume party season. It’s a great buy for Halloween lovers, costume party goers, and even for when St Patrick’s Day rolls around. It is made of polyester. Those who have bought the costume have said it’s a great buy and a big hit on Halloween and at costume parties.

A Different Costume Idea

These around the world costume choices are fun, funky, and can bring to life a different side of you during a party. These costumes are inexpensive in the best quality possible. Some of these choices are good for both adults and children, and can be worn year round. They are the top hits on Amazon, and fly out of stock quickly.

This costume season, choose a fun and different costume. Take a trip around the world for a great around the world costume. You can dress up as an African princess, an Asian Geisha girl, or as a battle hero of the revolutionary war, among other great Amazon picks. Don’t procrastinate, these costumes go fast. Find your perfect around the world costume and hit up costume parties in a dazzling and funky style. Buy your around the world costume today and enjoy the oohs, ahhs, and multiple envious looks of your colleagues, family, and friends.