Around the World in 8 Scents

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Feeling fashionable coupled with a refreshing fragrance helps boasts your confidence. For every destination you visit it is worth to pick a scent that will remind you of the vacation. Though travelling is costly, a bottle of perfume is not a very big investment. However, it helps to make great attachments with places and more importantly, create that special fragrance that makes travelling truly memorable.

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Wisteria & Violet manufactured by Jo Malone is what has been described by many as a nod to ideal moody skies. The rain soaked Wisteria petals are strongly inspired by the fragrance of juice inside. With Wisteria & Violet, London glory sparkles like never before. Well, take it as a mark, in all the scents that you are going to come across, London will always stand out.

Amalfi Coast

Talk of getting aboard one of the best cruise ships for a weekend getaway. Mandarino Di Amalfi is blended from citrus fruits, night blossoming flowers, and carefully selected mint that will crests your romantic relationship. Whether it is your partner, spouse, or a lover, the fragrance from amandarino Di Amalfi in the lovely coast, beaches, or relaxing in the five star rated hotels will give you a perfect chance to take love to a higher level.


Accord Oud I by Bredo will give you a perfect association with India. Talk of being sexy and the blackberry, oud and leather in this will light up every moment you take with your lover. No matter whether it is day or night time, Accord Oud will make memories of India permanent in your life.


Un Jardin Sur Le Nil releases a lovely fragrance that has become synonymous to the country of history. The scent released from the green juice rekindles realities of pyramids and the beauty of the land. To many, the scent is an oasis that spreads into the expansive desert.


Lazy Sunday Morning scent is one of the 6 fragrances in the collections of Maison Martin Margiela’s Republic that have been described as timeless. With Lazy Sunday Morning, one can never go wrong in his travel.


Violette by Tocca has become synonymous to France visitors and made the capital Paris be referred as a center of love. In springtime, lovers strolling in the park with great fragrance depict greatness of love similar to the tower of Paris. For many years, Violette has become a fort. Get it and see your love grow as enjoy your flight to Paris.


Blu Mediterraneo by Acqua di Parma is a perfect companion as visitors take important trips to Sicily. The Mediterranean paradise makes the holiday a different affair altogether. The lovely fragrance helps you to focus on the holiday and enjoy every minute you take looking at the sea, exploring the historic country, and meeting new friends.


Travelling to Mexico is a perfect chance to enjoy the ideal Tabaco that has been the greatest thing propelling the nation to film frenzy. It is derived from ancient formulas from hortiuclatura; based monks with ultimate effects bringing Muy Buena.

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