Arrow or X Classroom Design Seating Arrangement Advantages and Disadvantages

Classrooms are very complex and busy places which accommodate many students and have several activities running almost every day. The physical arrangement of a classroom has many implications for effective classroom management.

One of the popular forms of arrangements is the x classroom or the arrow classroom seating arrangement. There are many advantages to such an arrangement:

1. The X-classroom utilizes space in an optimum manner. It reflects a cheerful, inviting and purposeful setting for a classroom and an educational environment. Unlike other forms of seating it is not in clusters and does not restrict the teacher from moving around too much.

2. The seating is quite spread out over the area of the seating and makes the room spacious and airy. This is good because it fosters a good environment and will benefit the students.

3. The arrangement is mentally stimulating and can be used to teach subjects that involve a lot of creative and innovative thinking.

4. Compared to traditional methods of learning a teacher can use new and modern methods in such a setting.

5. It has the least distance and the fewest barriers between the teacher and students. This is said to be the best type of arrangement for a classroom.

6. It allows for maximum access and the teacher can move around freely in the classroom. This makes it easy for the teacher to supervise the students and keep a check on what they are doing without much effort.

7. Unnecessary talking amongst the students is curtailed in an arrow style arrangement. This makes it easy for the teacher to complete the lesson without checking whether the students are paying full attention or not.

8. Serious students will find this arrangement very good since they can focus on what the teacher is saying and not get disturbed by other students. In any other type of arrangement especially in a traditional arrangement there can be a lot of disturbance form students who are sitting in the adjacent seats.

9. In an X-arrangement the teacher is at the center of the classroom which gives very good visibility across the area of the room. In a traditional classroom arrangement the teacher is at the head of the class and more the half the number of students are at a distance which cannot be supervised effectively.

There are also some disadvantages with this type of seating:

1. The teacher can face only one group of students at any given time. This will mean that large section of students will not be supervised effectively.

2. Many students may be quite used to the traditional arrangement of seats in classroom and may become disoriented with an arrow arrangement. This may affect their scores in the long run.

3. The arrow design is an unconventional design and many teachers may not be comfortable with this kind of design. Some teachers may not be able to teach lessons properly in this type of an arrangement.

4. The X-classroom arrangement decreases the level of interaction between students. They may not be able to compare notes or engage in a fruitful discussion during times that the teacher is not taking a lesson. Many students learn a lot from each other and this might get affected in the arrow seating arrangement.

5. While the teacher is moving around in this type of classroom arrangement she may find it difficult to see what many students are doing. In a traditional classroom arrangement the teacher can easily glance through the rows and observe what the students are doing.