Art of taking notes in class

Taking notes in class is an art that not many students know well. It is this art that makes a student high scorer, low scorer or average scorer to a great extent. Average or low scorers generally depend on text book material, however, a high scorer generally notes what the teacher is saying in class. These notes help the high scorers take an edge over in the examination. Class notes help in understanding the text book matter better and give the students more information on the topic than given in the textbook. Read on to know various note-taking strategies.

First of all, you need to understand that you cannot note everything that a teacher says. Your writing speed cannot match the teacher’s speaking speed. Thus, you need to focus on what is important and something that is not given in the textbook. For this, you need to read the chapter that your teacher is going to explain the next day. You can ask your teacher at the end of the class what he is going to teach the next day. If in some case he does not answer your question, explain him the reason for your question.

Once you have read the chapter, it will be easy to write the important points or examples not given in the textbook. In addition to this, focus on signal words that your teacher speaks before he tells an important point. Some of the examples of these signal words are ‘remember’, ‘please note’, ‘now this is very important’, ‘the most important thing/point is’. Don’t miss out writing these points.

Another important strategy is to use abbreviations and short forms while taking notes. It is not possible to write all the important points if you do not use short forms. Also, you do not have to worry about spellings or grammar as your teacher would not check or grade you on these notes. Make sure you write the date at the top before you start taking notes.

Also, make sure you make your own notes on the same day or as soon as possible, with the help of class notes. Not making your own notes with class notes will lose the worth of your notes. It is because, if you make notes the same day, it will help you write the notes in your own words too else you may forget later and lose an important point.

Hope these tips help you in taking notes in class. Leave your query in the comments box if you need clarification on any point. We would love to help you. All the best in your endeavors!

By Manjeet Singh