Arthritis pain relief

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Many people have to live with arthritis pain. The pain can be bad and it inflicts us as we get older. Joint pain is also common for many people. Pain in the joints can be caused by many different reasons. There is no cure for arthritis but coping techniques will leave you more active and in control of your activities. Here are some ideas to help with arthritis pain.

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First check with your medical doctor to make sure that you actually have pain from arthritis. Doctors can prescribe medications you can take that will ease the joint pain. When you suffer from sever joint pain you need to plan your activities accordingly. Don’t overdue any motions that will inflame your joints. You should schedule the most difficult tasks first this way you will have the greatest amount of energy. Try and avoid movements that put stress on your fingers and joints.

You should make sure that you use the palms of your hands when you have to move something. Make sure to keep any heavy lifting to a minimum. You should not lock your joints for extended periods of time. You can wrap a layer of tape and foam around the handles of rakes,shovels,or equipment and other small tools. You should use electric appliances when you can this will help with any joint pain in your fingers and hands.

When it is possible use your arms to carry out an heavy work, like opening a heavy door use the side of your body. If you have some work that can be done sitting down do that instead of standing.

Arthritis suffers should lower the shelves in storage areas this way you won’t have to strain your leg joints or climb on foot stools. You can also buy a hand gripper for items that are hard to pick up. When you have to climb stairs lead with your stronger leg and on the way down lead with your weaker leg. If you are doing yard work or gardening sit on a stool instead and doing the work standing.


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