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Article writing and revenue sharing are two concepts sharing sidewalks in the world of creating web content. There are many article writing platforms out there and you may be confused about which one to pick for your writing home. If you are the kind of writer who can produce tons of new content on a regular basis, a smart thing to do would be to publish on quite a few of those article writing sites, rather than just one. The top 10 most popular article writing sites that will share revenue with you are (in no particular order):

Article Writing on Squidoo

Pages created on Squidoo are called lenses, and users who create them are called lensmasters; according to statistics published on Wikipedia, Squidoo has over 1.5 million hand-built lenses as of October 2010. Each lense can be focused on a different subject, written in form similar to blog posts. Earning money on Squidoo by writing articles requires setting up a PayPal account (the HubPages Ad program on HubPages, too). Squidoo users can make money based on ads and/or affiliate revenues. The platform supports Google ads or other ads they contracted to run, and affiliate income from Amazon, eBay, CafePress, Zazzle, Etsy and more.

Article Writing on HubPages

HubPages is one of the most trustworthy online article writing platforms on the Web. More than 200,000 members and more than a million hubs published say a lot about the success of this revenue sharing site. You can make money writing articles based on their HubPages Ad Program, Google AdSense, ebay and the Amazon Associate Program. I haven’t been using the ebay affiliate yet, but all the other money-making options work for me. Basically, this is how it works: you write and publish articles which are later supported by ads – the time of serving ads is split between the AdSense and the HP Ad Program, but in both cases, your impressions show 60% of time. Another bonus is the referral program; learn how to include referrer ID in the links you’re posting elsewhere because you’ll get additional 10% on your referral earnings (a cut from HubPages, not the new member). In plain English, if new members sign up for the site under your referral tracker, you’ll get the cut from HP on their earnings for life! Check HubPages for article writing here!

Article Writing on InfoBarrel

To have your articles instantly published on InfoBarrel, you may have to meet the pre-approved criteria. Until then, your articles will be approved by a manager which may take some time as they are humans who are kept very busy. Editing your articles isn’t that easy as on most article writing sites; unless you are preapproved, every time that you submit changes to an article it goes into the queue to be approved. You’ll find more information about pre-approved status on their FAQ page. ‘As for getting paid, your articles have two add companies that your get a 75% share from, Google Adsense and Chitika. How Infobarrel works is you attach your unique user IDs for your ad publishing accounts (Google Adsense, Chitika, etc) to your account here via your My Account page… The ad share is handled by our system. It displays your ads 75 of the time and a combination of our ads, your referrer’s ads (if you have a referrer) and your manager’s ads.’ (quote from admin’s comments on the Infobarrel FAQ page).

Article Writing on Xomba

The official statement describing Xomba is as follows: ‘Xomba is a social networking community for geeks, fanboys and enthusiasts of all kinds, people who are passionate about their interests and enjoy writing about them.’ Posting rules involve original content written in fluent English, and complying with Google AdSense policies (which is the case on all other sites, too).
Any piece of writing on Xomba is called an article, but creative writing (fiction and poetry) are not an accepted form of writing on this site. Creating content on Xomba includes:

• creating news or ‘opinion’ articles on a variety of topics (blogs),
• writing about interesting articles, videos or photos (bookmarking),
• making lists of different topics,
• posting recipes and reviews.

Word requirement for Xomba articles are as follows: a minimum of 300-words requirement for blogs and reviews, 100-word requirement for the body of bookmarks, and 50-word requirement for the body of a recipe and lists.
The main monetization source for Xomba is Google AdSense; 60% of time ads are served under your publisher ID, and 40% of time Xomba’s AdSense ID is associated with the ad units on the page.

Article Writing on Bukisa

Writers in the Bukisa writing community are called Bukisans. This article writing website differentiates between how-to guides and articles; how-to guides feature special, methodical formats, and articles are written in a more free-form. Your Bukisa articles are published immediately, but they will be reviewed for some tweaks and adjustments (if necessary). Chikita and Google AdSense are Bukisa’s monetization partners.

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Article Writing on Wizzley

If you’d like to write on Wizzley, a minimum of 400 words per article is required, proper formatting, attractive design and layout. Wizzley article writers are challenged to reach a high Wizzley page rank and the author page rank. The higher the Wizzley page rank, the higher the chances to get your article on their front page (Seekyt, for example, allows all its users to have their articles displayed on the front page as you’ll see the latest articles published on this list). The author rank is calculated from the number and quality of the pages and the completeness of an author’s profile. Very low rank may exclude you from the site.
Income opportunities based on article writing on Wizzley include: revenue share from ads supported by Google AdSense and Chitika; 50-60% of time page impressions will be associated to your ID (50 quality articles will increase your ad share will to 55%, and 100 articles we’ll give you the maximum share of 60%). You can also earn a commission on sales if you decide to advertise products from Amazon, Zazzle and AllPosters.

Article Writing on Triond

Triond is somewhat different from other article writing websites because it offers a new approach for publishing online; they publish your work on a network of niche websites so you can reach a wider audience. Once your content is submitted and approved, Triond will publish it on a website within their publishing network that best suits your topic and target audience. Publishing usually takes less than a day, but it may take longer in certain circumstances depending on your content’s topic and the language in which it was created. Revenue may be generated from several income sources, such as display and contextual advertising that appears on your articles. Triond will share 50% of the revenue with you.

Article Writing on Wikinut

You can earn money on Wikinut by writing pages (creating web content or articles), reviewing pages to make sure they are well-written, free of spelling mistakes, correctly categorized, etc, and inviting friends to join Wikinut (referrals). The revenue share is organized as follows:

• in terms of article writing, you’ll receive royalties worth 50% of the total advertising revenue your pages generate,
• reviewing pages – for all pages that you review, you’ll earn royalties of 5% of their total advertising revenue. And you’ll keep earning this so long as you review any future changes to those pages,
• attracting new members – for every friend you invite, Wikinut will pay you an additional 10% of their royalties.

Article Writing on

Article writing on requires locating the appropriate title for your article. Or, you can scan all the existing titles and write to one of them. There’s a whole system developed for Helium writers so you may want to visit their help pages for more information. Compared to other article writing sites ready to share revenue with you, earning money from your content on is a little complicated. In a nutshell, this is how their revenue sharing program works: all articles on accrue earnings based on the ad revenue share system, but incentive payments differ for each title, depending on factors such as the complexity of topic, SEO value and amount of research expected.

The Helium revenue share is figured daily for your account. Payments depend heavily on article quality (articles ranked at the top), traffic (page views may generate income for you, but when you look at their specified rates for channel – rates paying per 1000 article views, by channel – you won’t rise your hopes up), and advertiser interest (some topics will pay off more and some less).
Helium holds rights to your articles for one year and then gives them back to you (the creative writing channel is excluded from this system). Despite the fact that you don’t own rights to your articles, during this time all the content pages you’ve created will be eligible to earn ad revenue share.

Additionally, you can earn a $3 bonus if you rate articles published on (if you have 5 rating stars on the last day of the month). If you do not participate by maintaining a rating star on Helium for a full 12 months, you will lose any accrued earnings in your account.
Another possible money stream may come into your pocket if your content on is purchased for a price; this article writing platform operates ‘Stock Content.’

New!!! Article Writing on SeekSuccess

This is a fairly new website in the sea of competing revenue sharing sites. However, SeekSuccess is quite competitive considering the fact they give you a 75% time share for the display of your publisher ID (like Seekyt, but they haven’t developed a referral program yet). The second revenue sharing program is The Amazon Associate Program with the same percentage of ID time-share.

You can write reviews, articles, publish videos, save bookmarks (websites), upload images and product information. The miminum word count requirement for publishing articles is 350+. Content created on this website is manually reviewed so spammers don’t get lucky trying to use the site for selfish reasons.

Article Writing on Seekyt

Seekyt is an article writing platform based on revenue sharing via Google AdSense alternatives. 70% of time the ads served on your web pages generate money for you and 30% for Seekyt. Seekyt currently has a referral program giving away 25% of Seekyt ad serving time for attracting new members. This site has a very strong community and members receive great support from the administrator regarding different questions, doubts, or various other issues that may occur. Articles are usually indexed within hours after publishing. To learn more about Seekyt refer to their Website Learning Sources.

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