News Articles on Corruption

Articles on Corruption


Articles on corruption are everywhere. It only takes a short search of Google and you are inundated with statistics, stories, news and various examples of attitudes towards corruption worldwide. When researching corruption it becomes apparent that corruption touches every nation on earth and therefore invariably touches every person on earth in one form or another.

Currently, 2011, the 10 least corrupt countries on earth according to Transparency International ( are:

1. New Zealand
2. Denmark
3. Finland
4. Sweden
5. Singapore
6. Norway
7. Netherlands
8. Australia
9. Switzerland
10. Canada

The ten most corrupt nations of Earth for 2011 are:

1. Somalia
2. Korea (North)
3. Myanmar
4. Afghanistan
5. Uzbekistan
6. Turkmenistan
7. Sudan
8. Iraq
9. Haiti
10. Venezuela

Japan is 14th least corrupt, UK is 16th lease corrupt and the US is 24th least corrupt (Transparency International, 2012).

Recently in articles on corruption from India, yoga guru Baba Ramdev, after fasting for a few days against corruption, tried to lead a group of supporters on an anti-corruption march to Parliament. Police tried to nab the elusive Ramdev to no avail to put him in ‘protective custody’ where he climbed on top of a bus and evaded attempts by police to take him into custody for hours all on live TV.

Police rounded up thousands of protesters and detained them in a stadium for a few hours before allowing them to leave. Ramdev stayed until the next day where he held a yoga class before breaking his fast by allowing two ‘untouchable’ children to feed him juice.

The issues that are spurning the anti-corruption demonstration center around 8 years of massive corruption scandals in real estate, telecommunications, coal, sports and defense industries involving billions upon billions of dollars (Magnier, 2012).

In Nigeria, Former military president Babangida states that corruption is worse now than when he was in power saying that he once removed a general for stealing N300,000 but now you couldn’t remove him for stealing N3 billion. He states that the current state of corruption will not topple the country and that he is sensible enough to understand that it is a phase that developing nations need to go through (NMODU, 2012).

In China, Ms. Ding Shumiao, coming from a poor background capitalized on coal train shortages to earn her ‘first basket of gold’. Recently she has emerged as the Queen pin of a massive web of corruption securing $450 million in contracts alone. Capitalizing on railway equipment, seats, wheels and noise barriers she has also been implicated in procuring mistresses for Mr. Liu who admitted that Ms. Ding collected bribes for him when he was minister.

Typically, Ms. Ding facilitates systematic corruption through her investment group acting as a broker for state-run companies that want a slice of Mr. Liu’s high speed rail projects that amount up to 1.98 trillion yuan. Mr. Liu, although the same as all other corrupt officials in China, has promoted corruption to an unprecedented level by turning the Ministry of Railways into a family business and also promoted people close to him quickly (SAINSBURY, 2012).

While elsewhere in articles on corruption in Canada, the prestigious Royal Canadian Mounted Police has recently been exposed to allegations of internal corruption and misconduct by no other than a group of 500 RCMP officers in western Canada’s division E. The group lodged the allegation on a terrorist-style blog website which was recently taken down again. The group said the website will re-emerge as the battle continues to try and silence the officers from saying what they know.

Articles on Corruption

The group has posted an open letter where it alleged that “absolute corruption at the most disturbing levels” as well as a blind commissioner’s inability to clean the force up will ensure that the situation will go from a bad situation to a worse situation for the force. The officers have also stated that they fear for their lives (CHU, 2012).

Most reported articles on corruption have had little effect on corruption levels even though the articles do promote transparency of the corruption, unfortunately transparency needs to come from the operation of these organizations themselves. Just writing a paragraph on corruption isn’t enough to effect real change.

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Articles on Corruption
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