Ashton Cruz Petting Zoo Cinema: A Wake Up Call

An Overview into the Cinema

Ashton Cruz petting zoo cinema is considered to be causing one of the thousands of controversial issues and concerns in the Internet. Ashton Cruz is a known blogger and dog trainer that has been creating a really big name in the world wide web. Internet is a really big portal for expressing one’s thoughts and feelings about different issues that are concerning him or her. But, it must be always considered that not all can be shared over the Internet. There are certain rules that you have to consider when you are sharing yourself over the Internet.

Also, Ashton Cruz is also known to be an animal icon as well. His appearances would most of the time involve animals, and this is one thing you have to consider. Animals are not just something that could be taken for granted just because they are lower creatures than us. They must be given due importance.

What Animals Deserve

Animals can be clearly seen in Ashton Cruz petting zoo cinema. It must be cleared that animals must be treated very well. They also have rights just like you and these must properly be respected. Just because you are the highest form of creature made by God would already mean that you have control over everything to the extent that you are already using them for a purpose that does not have benefits at all.

They Have Rights Too

Animals have rights as what have been said previously. Being creations of God as well, they also have the right to enjoy the comfort that you can also have in this world. They must be given their needs and must be taken cared of. They must not be used for any purpose that could harm themselves or threaten their life as well. They must be able to stay or live in an environment that will provide them comfort and will give them a good source of their basic needs for living. These maybe just some of the rights that these precious creatures also have but it must be always remembered that they must be appropriately given to animals as they deserve them just like you do.

Looking Into Zoos

Zoos are good places to keep for animals just as long as the environment in the zoo is not much that different to the animals’ usual habitat. They must still be continued to be given their needs and there should be no means to deprive them of such. This is the reason why zoos must appropriately pass a given set of standards before they can actually be able to operate. This just ensures that animals are treated appropriately. There are even laws that protect the rights of the animals and the corresponding consequences or punishment from disobeying such law would really prove that the movement to save animals from improper treatment is really serious.

Ashton Cruz petting zoo cinema must be given appropriate limitations and a guideline regarding its content as it is something that is easily spread through the Internet. Also, in relation to this, animals as being some of the main involvement in the content of the cinema must be properly respected when it comes to their rights just like what you humans enjoy.

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