Ashton Cruz Petting Zoo Cinema

Ashton Cruz petting zoo cinema video is all about animals. A petting zoo is much like a commercial zoo. The only difference is that the pet zoo houses pets that can be kept in the house. Commonly known as a child’s zoo, the petting zoo is an orphanage for homeless domestic pets. The pets housed in the petting zoo can be touched, fed and played with. They present no danger to the visitors who mainly constitute of children and young adults. A day in the petting zoo for a child is a day filled with fun especially if the child loves playing and being with pets.

A petting zoo houses large and small domestic pets. They include sheep, goats, llamas, horses, rabbits, wallabies, guinea pigs, camels and other animals that can easily be domesticated. As with many other zoo facilities, pet zoos have restrictions as to the feeding habits of the animals. However, there are those that have relaxed these rules and visitors can feed the animals. Children find this a particular activity especially delightful.

Ashton Cruz

Ashton Cruz is a male producer who has created the trending and highly controversial Petting Zoo Cinema. He writes many blogs including Ashton Cruz Gold and The Zoo Archives which available on invitation only. His interests tend to be the theatric arts as well as training dogs. One of his online profiles indicates that he lives in Manhattan, New York in the United States of America.

The Ashton Cruz Petting Zoo Controversial Cinema

His video on petting zoo animals is currently one of the most controversial topics trending on the internet. Although the major objective of creating the motion picture is to educate young ones on the good and importance of taking good care of all animals, the video has been negatively received by the keepers of animal rights. They question the true and actual intention of the creation of this video by Ashton Cruz.

Ashton’s petting zoo cinema is basically a short video which depicts a sneak view of how the animals live inside the petting zoo. The video also includes the people working in such a zoo and their management style of the zoo. It follows the lives of the pets, the condition of their lives and how they are taken care of inside the zoo. The video also showcases what happened during the periods when the animals are visited.

The major concern about the cinema is that it portrays more of the negative aspects of the life of the animals in the zoo and less of the positive aspects. Negative aspects include diseases that are experienced by the animals as well as the many problems encountered by the zoo keepers and workers. In a children’s video such as this, the positives should outweigh the negatives so that the visitors can be comfortable visiting the zoo. That is the view held by many people.

General Views of Animal Rights Bodies

Although the video is supposed to be educative to children, the animal rights advocates view that is it not appropriate for Mr. Cruz to show everything that happens on over the internet in Ashton Cruz petting zoo cinema.