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Assessing a Translator in Five Steps

Being into translation business requires enormous investment whether it’s for personal or corporate need. There are a lot of industries a translator can target like educational institution, law firm, travel and tourism, medical facilities and many others. When opting for a particular translator or relevant agency, people always prefer the one providing service at a cheaper rate. Skills of an interpreter can’t be assessed by the rate he’s charging but it’s all the game of separating wheat from the chaff. Here’s how to test a translator.

1. Clarify Your Needs
First thing is to clearly define why you need a translator and what type of service are you expecting in return. Are you looking forward to translate heap of files or simple regular conversion? This requires contacting an agency and submitting your request to provide an interpreter as per requirement.

After that comes the phase to do preliminary evaluation! Start by providing smaller yet challenging sentences not more than 50 words. Raise the difficulty level slowly by giving longer paragraphs or sections ranging from 200 to 400 words. All of this will help you in knowing about the ability of an interpreter.

2. Check the Resources

Another way is to check all the resources like online directories, search engine journals or personal recommendations. Most online job portals provide simple test phrases for assessment which is the best practice to weed all the incompetents out of way. Most translators fail to submit a simple application along with evaluation test in due time because of fake service just to swindle money. You can approach any good UAE Arabic language translation in Dubai for a more viable service.

3. Picking the Best
Once you appraise the test of each candidate, selecting one out of the pool is a lot easier but only if you’ve prescreened them with all the information provided. Apparently there’ll be more than a solitary successful applicant hence you should contact each individually which is a wise thing to do.

Sending emails to all would also suffice however; ensure that email address of other recipients isn’t revealed. Go for the best Arabic translation in Dubai, UAE which is the best approach to pick from the pool of candidates especially when residing in UAE. Conversely, post a public notice but do expect overwhelming response.

There are many choices available like online ads over websites, social media or traditional approach of printing out flyers and have them distributed. Translation services in Dubai are known to provide the best interpreter, holding proficiency in many different areas of expertise.

4. Use a Professional Approach
Obviously good translators are mostly busy and might not have time to take a secondary test. A fine approach is to pay them for this exam as it’s their courteousness to taken out time from their hectic schedule. Even if a translator is willing to take this test for free, do provide a freebie as a token of appreciation from your end as what you reap today, you’ll sow tomorrow hence be professional from the start.

5. Beware of Fraudulent Translators
If a particular applicant is constantly nagging you over phone or spamming your inbox with hiring request, than this is the first indication of fraudulent. Such are the ones who’re only interested in the perk you’re giving over secondary test and will leave your professional translation services agency in Dubai, UAE deliberately after sometime.

All the above techniques are to test the skills of a translator. Therefore, read and oblige to get the best results.

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