Asu Mare La Pelicula: A Peruvian Comedy Movie by Ricardo Maldonado

Asu Mare La Pelicula (Asu Mare The Movie) is a very successful Peruvian comedy movie which was released in Peru on April 11, 2013. The movie is a production of the film studio Tondero Films. Asu Mare La Pelicula is considered to be one of the most successful Peruvians films ever. Andina, a Peruvian news site reported that the film is the most-watched motion picture in the Andean nation. Response and feedback from viewers and movie critics alike are very positive prompting the producers and distributors of the film to screen it in several other countries including the United States. Naturally, Asu Mare La Pelicula will also be screened in South American countries such as Chile, Bolivia, Venezuela, Ecuador and Bolivia.

Starring Carlos Alcantara, one of the most well-known stand up comedians in Peru, Asu Mare La Pelicula is an adaptation of the stand-up show by Alcantara which carries the same name. Alcantara started his stand-up show in 2007 and quickly grew into a very popular show not only among Peruvians but to other South Americans as well. Alcantara also acts as co-producer in the film alongside with Miguel Valladares. Majority of the actors in the film are from the cast of Pataclaun, a Peruvian television sitcom which ran from 1997 to 1999.

Directed by Ricardo Maldonado, Asu Mare La Pelicula is a biogrpahical film of sorts about comedian Carlos Alcantara. The film chronicles Alcantara’s rise to fame from growing up in Unidad Vecinal de Mirones to becoming one of the most popular comedians in Peru. A lot of the scenes in the film show Alcantara’s experiences as a young man growing up and finding his way in the entertainment industry. He once dreamed of becoming a singer but then he realized that he couldn’t sing so he never thought of it again. An encounter with a young street performer gave him an idea to become an actor so he started taking acting lessons. The rest they say is history.

The movie features music by Carlos San Miguel and Jose San Miguel. Alcantara also wrote the film. Co-starring with him are Ana Cecilia Natteri, Gisela Ponce de Leon, Emilia Drago, Dayiro Castaneda, Santiago Suarez, Andres Salas, Anahi de Cardenas, and Franco Cabrera. The movie also featured guest appearances by Tatiana Astengo, Gisela Valcarcel, Carlos Carlin, Wendy Ramos, Johanna San Miguel, Gonzalo Torres and Katia Condos.

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