News Atherosclerosis Symptoms And Treatments

Atherosclerosis Symptoms And Treatments


Noticing narrowing or hardening of the arteries that affect your blood flow may lead to atherosclerosis. The disease affects men more than women. When men are at their middle age, 30 to 40 more likely suffer from the disease. Women are likely to suffer from it when they are at the stage of menopause. In this disease, formation of a plaque happens on artery walls to restrict blood flow and the leading causes of plaque formation are high cholesterol, fibrous tissues and high calcium intake.


There are some common signs to notice atherosclerosis. These symptoms may be serious and minor. At the first stage, you just unable to diagnose it, but some certain signs like toes and fingers tingling and numbness may force you to see the doctor. Often, people avoid seeing the doctor until these symptoms go worse. In other words, numbness and tingling continue for more than a week need immediate visit to an expert doctor.

During exercise, if you notice chest pain, it means there is a great need to visit the clinic. It may be one of the greatest signs of artery plaque formation that is blocking the blood flow to chest.

Family history is also responsible for arthrosclerosis. If anyone in your family has suffered the disease, it might attack you and to other family members. Avoiding the signs can lead to stroke because it greatly affects the blood flow to the heart.


Arthrosclerosis treatment needs some changes in your lifestyle. You need to stop the bad habit called smoking as it damages the artery walls and supports plaque formation.

The second remedy is your diet plan. It is advised to make a healthy diet plan which is free from high cholesterol.

Exercise is another fantastic way to fight the disease. It is recommended to do daily 30 minutes exercise as it helps to lower down your blood pressure, cholesterol and regulates the blood flow.

Monitor your blood sugar level. Diabetes patients suffer from the disease more than non-diabetic.

Atherosclerosis Symptoms And Treatments
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