Attending an Outdoor Show: What to Expect

Outdoor shows attract millions worldwide. Waltzing Waters outdoor shows can be seen worldwide. Each show is unique. While some of the same features are put into every show, custom designs and programs are designed to fit the needs of the location. Children find these shows to be entertaining and mesmerizing. It is likely that they will stand in one place and watch, while waiting for the perfect moment to try to run into the displays to splash around.

Interactive Water Attractions
These unique water attractions can be programmed with motion sensors to light up or shoot water into the sky. The attractions can also be programmed to music or in a specific sequence. This is what makes each display different from the previous.

Events around the world seek these outdoor shows for a variety of reasons. For one, it is an attraction that is nearly impossible to miss. Secondly, it sets the event apart from others. Thirdly, it brings more guests to the events, even if it is just to see the water attractions.

This is essentially a liquid fireworks show. The shows can be setup indoors or outdoors.

Vivid Lighted Custom Water Fountains
The lighting used for these custom water fountains and sprays of water are astounding. The design process for each show takes several developers working together to ensure that the colors are correct and that the sprays are as high as they need to be.

These productions usually take months to create given the technical nature of perfecting the sequences. Colors fade in and out of each other and do literally look like fireworks, only with water. A variety of shapes and spray types can be used to create a spectacular display.

Fun Atmosphere
The atmosphere surrounding these outdoor shows is simply relaxed and a lot of fun. These are family attractions. For children and adults that have hearing sensitivities, are deaf or otherwise, can enjoy the display. There are no loud booming noises associated with these displays. Even the family pet can tag along where permitted.

Most Common U.S. Locations
Several United States companies use liquid fireworks as attractions. The most common locations across the country to find these displays are at Disney, Universal Studios, Sea World and other major amusement parks. The lighting used in these scenarios works with other major attractions at the theme parks. Matching events with attractions in style and color are important to these locations as it heightens guest experiences to unmeasurable levels.

Many consumers plan vacations around the time of these outdoor shows simply because of their beauty and spectacular design. It is a true thing of wonder to watch water shoot into the sky in an array of colors making beautiful designs. For some, it is better than watching traditional fireworks on the Fourth of July. In locations where the climate is dry, a display for Independence Day is a safe option, although expensive. Consider looking for these displays when planning a trip to a major theme park or major event, anywhere in the world.