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Home renovations have always played a big part in the field of construction. The reason people choose to undertake an attic conversion is many fold: from older children needing more space to parents needing an office at home. After all it is a potential extra room without having to go to the trouble of moving house to upscale your property. The key to any successful attic renovation is enlisting the services of a reputable company that specialises in this area. As there are potentially dangerous and faulty beams, you want to ensure that skilled crew can safely carry out this task for you.

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Safety – An attic conversion, as with any job around the home safety is your first concern. As this area will be a sight of construction, make sure that everyone in the family is made aware and that younger members are kept out of harm’s way. The skilled members you hire will have training and won’t jeopardise your health and safety. This is why it is always best to go with professionals as they can see potential hazards that the untrained eye may skim over.

Legal – In some if not all cases you will require planning permission. This will immediately let you know whether or not you are entitled to get this carried out. Sometimes it could simply be a matter of fire safety and if you can prove that you plan to incorporate fire escape exits you may be able to appeal any decision made. It is also a good idea to let your neighbours know that you are carrying this work out on your house so they aren’t alarmed by the noise of construction work going on.

Plans – You will want to draw out clear plans and a contract with the company you decide to go with. This not only saves misunderstandings but also is a guarantee that you will have specified work carried out to a certain standard. If you are unhappy at any stage, you can simply consult the contract you had drawn up and show this to your workmen. Keep communication as clear as possible at all times as you don’t want disgruntled tradesmen.

Materials – Make sure you use high quality materials: if you are buying always buy from companies you trust which have quality guarantees. Otherwise the professionals doing the work for you can also arrange to supply the goods but this may come at a higher price so make sure that you do some shopping around before you sign any agreements.

Windows – Many people choose to get sky lights put into their new attic conversion. This ensures you have plenty of natural lighting in your room and when it is a clear night you can enjoy a lovely starry sky. This is also a great way to provide ventilation and prevent over heating during the warmer summer months. Added to this is the fact that heat rises and so it is only natural to expect that your attic can become stiflingly hot. These windows will allow immediate aeration of the space.

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