Attract a Past Love to Come

Attracting a past love back into your life is possible to an extent. There are a few things to consider before doing this.

1. You should ask yourself if this is the wise thing to do?

2. You should also ask yourself why you aren’t together now?

Consider how your relationship was when the two of you were together. If you are considering trying to bring an ex partner back to you, then you cannot afford to be selfish.

Consider The Other Person

Just wanting to bring a past love back to you isn’t enough. You can’t manipulate a person to feel something for you that they don’t, you can’t go against that person’s free will or desires.

If you were depending on this person to bring happiness and joy into your life, this won’t work either. Your happiness and joy should already be a part of you, as an expression of loving life and loving yourself within that life.

And maybe your ex-love has grown beyond your relationship and moved on? I know this sounds callous, but that is the reality of the situation is this.

If your ex still feels the same about you, then there could be hope in getting this person back. Examine yourself to see what your feelings are. Perhaps the two of you aren’t together now because of some hidden feelings either you or they were having about the relationship.

Your Feelings

If you were feeling jealous, feeling insecure, feeling unworthy… all of these things could manifest into driving your partner away. On the other hand, if the problems lay with your ex instead of you, then you may want to leave this alone.


Also, if you are the one with all the issues, and have not come to accept them enough to change them, do you seriously think your ex would want to come back into a relationship that did not work the first time? If this is the case, why would two jealous people with trust issues want to be together?


Before venturing into the act of getting your ex back, really think about what you want. What would you do if this person has moved on, and has no desire to be in your life again?